Ladybirds and Lacewings for Aphids

Control aphids outdoors by releasing Ladybirds and or Lacewing Larvae. BOTH of these beneficial insects love to eat aphids, but they can be scarce. Help nature by introducing extra ladybirds (available as adults and larvae) and / or lacewing larvae into your garden between April and August. Available NOW!

  • For light infestations on a spread of garden plants simply place Adult Ladybirds around the garden to search out the pests.
  • For moderate infestations concentrated on a few plants use Ladybird / Lacewing larvae placed directly onto the infected plants.
  • For a bit of both use the Ladybird Family or a Gardeners Friends Pack.
  • For aphid infestation in trees and hedges use Ladybird Larvae and our quick release cotton bags.