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  1. Ladybird Feeders with Food

    Use these bamboo Ladybird Feeders and Food to attract and keep ladybirds in your garden. Supplied as a pack of 2 with a sachet of food, simply mix the powdered food with a drop of water to form a paste and smear on the inside of the feeders. Suspend each feeder approx 1m above the ground in areas where ladybird hibernate. Perfect for offering food to hungry ladybirds emerging from hibernation or for offering food later in the year when food is becoming scarce. Add more food as needed or it is a good idea to clean the feeders out and add fresh food every 3-4 weeks. These Ladybird Feeders are supplied in a TWIN PACK with a sachet of food. N.B. Extra Ladybird Food is available all year round.

    Special Offer - Add an extra 2 sachets of Ladybird Food for an extra £4.99 saving £2.00 off the normal price.

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  2. Soil Testing Kit

    This easy to use Soil Testing Kit contains everything you need to test the pH and the levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium (N:P:K) of your soil. pH describes how acid or alkaline your soil is. 7 is neutral, above means alkaline whilst readings of below 7 mean acidic conditions. Testing your Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium levels will highlight any deficiencies, so appropriate fertilisers etc can be applied prior to planting etc. This kit consists of 2 x testing tube, testing powders, testing solutions for each test, a scoop and filter. Simply add dried soil to the tube / filter, add a scoop of powder and the appropriate testing solution for each test and then compare the colour to work out the results for your soil. There is enough powder and solution for approx 40 different tests.

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  3. Soil PH Testing Kit

    This easy to use Soil pH Testing Kit contains everything you need to test the pH of your soil. pH describes how acid or alkaline your soil is. 7 is neutral, above means alkaline whilst readings of below 7 mean acidic conditions. Different plants like different conditions i.e. Rhododendrons like acid conditions, so knowing your soils pH means you can adjust the pH accordingly. This kit consists of a testing tube, testing powder, testing solution and a scoop - simply add dried soil to the tube, add a scoop of powder and 1.5ml of testing solution and then compare the colour to work out the pH of your soil. There is enough powder and solution for approx 10-15 tests.

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  4. Coir Compost Block - 60L

    These Coir Compost Blocks are compressed 5kg blocks of coir compost that make it even easier to go peat free by replacing peat based compost with environmentally friendly coir compost. The compost is sterile (no pests, diseases or weed seeds) with dried seaweed and organically derived nutrients added to give your plants the best start. Supplied in 5kg compressed blocks which you simply soak in water and it "expands" to produce 60 litres of compost, Each 5kg Coir Block makes 60 litres of PEAT FREE compost. Perfect to go in our Coir Pots CLICK HERE. N.B. Delivery by courier please see courier restrictions below. Currently unavailable.

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  5. Coir Compost Discs for Mini Coir Pots x50

    These compressed Coir Compost Discs swell when placed in water to produce exactly the right amount of coir compost to go in one of our Mini Coir Pots. Our Mini Coir Pots are sold in 50's, so these Coir Compost Discs are sold in 50's too making it easy to buy the Coir Compost to go in your pots at the same time. Coir Compost is PEAT FREE, so it is better for the environment PLUS it provides optimum drainage, balanced water retention and excellent oxygenation, so it is good for your plants too. Packed in recycled brown paper bags in packs of 50, these Coir Compost Discs are available NOW.

    Special Offer - Add 50 x Mini Coir Pots for £8.99 saving £4.00 off the combined price.

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  6. Plant Plug Trainer

    Regular Price: £17.50

    Special Price £15.00

    As low as: £13.50

    This Plant Plug Trainer is the easy way to produce plug plants and its compact size makes it ideal for windowsills / greenhouses. Containing recycled plastic and totally recyclable, this propagator is durable and reusable. It features a built in water reservoir - simply fill with compost and use the top of the lid to create indents ready for seeds. Once the seeds have been sown, fit the lid and add water to create the perfect conditions to encourage strong plants. Once the plants are big enough, simply push the middle section down and your plants will pop-up - brilliant! No squeezing, so less chance of root damage! Special Offer - normally £17.50 NOW £15.00 saving £2.50.

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  7. Reusable Extra Strong 120L Bags

    These 120 litre Reusable Bags are made out of 100 Irish Plastic Waste. Once you have finished with them they are 100% recyclable. Use them around the home or in the garden. These bags are made from plastic waste recovered from Irish homes and businesses, which would normally end up in landfill, be incinerated or worse the sea. Even plastic waste which has been collected normally ends up being exported mostly to China, so this is a great way to make use of plastic waste to make something useful rather than burning / exporting it. Each roll contains 10 extra strong 120L bags - each bag measures 101cm high x 66cm and holds 120 litres.

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  8. Solitary Bee Planter

    Regular Price: £39.99

    Special Price £37.50

    As low as: £32.50

    This new Solitary Bee Planter combines a solid wood planter and a solitary bee nest. Plant it with your favourite plants for a colourful display, while the built in solitary bee nest is packed with bee nesting tubes to attract solitary bees. Made from solid timber, the planter is fully lined with a fabric liner with a drainage hole at the back, which keeps the bees nesting underneath dry. The nest is packed with nesting tubes that can be easily removed for annual cleaning / inspection - great for kids, so they can see what is happening. These new Solitary Bee Planters can be freestanding or they come complete with wall hanging fixings, so the nests can be mounted on a posts or on a wall. The planters come complete with approx 200 nesting tubes and they measure 36cm high x 28cm deep at the top and 23cm wide. N.B. Plant pictured is not included. Special Offer - normally £39.99 NOW £37.50 saving £2.49

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  9. Rechargeable 1 Litre Easy Sprayer

    The 1 litre Rechargeable Sprayer features a pump and a rechargeable 3.6v battery, which makes it the easy way to apply natural pest control sprays, for watering / misting or use it in the kitchen / bathroom to apply cleaning products. There is no pumping to maintain pressure, so it is very easy to use with just a single button to operate. It takes 2 hours to charge via the USB cable included and once charged it will dispense 30L of sprays between charges. Comes complete with rechargeable battery, charging cable and is available in lime or aqua green. 1 Litre capacity.

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  10. Box Tree Moth Trap Lure ONLY

    The Box Tree Moth Trap uses a powerful pheromone to attact and trap Box Tree Moths. The trap is designed to be re-usable, so a replacement sachet of lure can be purchased each year and the trap re-used. We supply the unique GINKO BUXUS SEASON LONG pheromone lure - the Ginko Buxux lure we include will attract moths for around 240 days unlike our competetors lures, which only last for approx 6 weers, so it works out much better value for money in the long run PLUS you do not have to remember to change lures every 6 weeks! The lure is added to the top of the trap and secured with the tie included1 seasons worth of lure. N.B. The lure should be kept in the fridge until needed. 

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