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Sciarid Fly Nematodes

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Sciarid Fly Nematodes

Control sciarid fly naturally by applying Sciard Nematodes when the pest is spotted and the soil temperature is 10°C. Scairid Fly live on and around the compost of pots in greenhouses and indoors. They are midge like flies that can be seen jumping or hovering over the soil surface and the damage is caused by the larvae which feed on the roots. Sciarid Fly Nematodes are safe to use on food crops, safe for children, pets and wildlife and are easy to use. Available in 2 sizes - 15 sqm or 50 sqm packs. Sciarid Nematodes need a daytime temperature of 10°C and are a perishable product, so please order when the temperature are suitable and you are ready to treat.

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Also known as compost fly / fungus gnat, Sciarid fly is a common pest of greenhouse plants in the spring. Young bedding plants, especially bizzie-lizzies, can be affected with large numbers of small flies covering young plants, whilst larvae eat the roots. The Sciarid flies crawl over the compost surface and if disturbed fly on to the lower leaves. The larval stage in the compost attacks the roots and can kill young seedlings. Control sciarid fly naturally by applying Sciard Nematodes.

Sciarid Fly Nematodes are safe to use on food crops, safe for children, pets and wildlife and are easy to use - mix the nematodes with water and water directly into the affected pots / trays. Sciaird Fly Nematodes need a daytime soil temperature of 10°C. Safe for plants - will not scorch tender seedlings or young plants. Safe for you - use on plants in your living room or conservatory. Sciaird Nematodes are a living, perishable product (it will keep for up to 2 weeks in the fridge), so please order when the pest is present and you are ready to treat. The standard pack of Sciaird Nematodes pack will treat up to 15sqm of compost (for smaller areas just make the solution stronger - you cannot overdose) or for larger areas, the large pack will treat 50 sqm.

N.B. If you already have Sciaird Fly, use Sciarid Fly Nematodes 1st to clear the infestation and then add a layer of Sciaird Zoot Off to stop them coming back. CLICK HERE to find out more about Sciarid Nematodes.
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I have used this company a lot. Regular nematodes, camera bird box, squirrel repellent and so on. Always reliable and prompt.
Review by Mrs JM Hill / (Posted on 18/03/2019)
Delivery is always very prompt. Excellent communication regarding deliveries. The products are nature friendly and work. Green gardener is my preferred choice for pest control .
Review by Trudy Neale / (Posted on 18/03/2019)

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