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Insect / Wildlife Houses and Food

It is important to encourage wildlife into our gardens as many of these visitors will naturally feed on plant pests helping to reduce pest numbers PLUS butterflies and bees will ensure your fruit, vegetables and flowers are pollinated.

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  1. Butterfly, Bee and Bug Wildflower Seeds

    This Butterfly, Bee and Bug Wilflower Seed Mixture contain seeds from UK native wild flowers that have been specially chosen as they have been shown to attract butterflies, bees and bugs. This seed mix also contains a soil conditioner and mycorrhizal fungi designed to maximise the chances of good germination and strong early growth. Butterfly, Bee and Bug Wilflower Seed Mixture are supplied ready to sow in 3m2 or 10m2 pouches. 10m IS OUT OF STOCK.

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  2. Ladybird Feeders with Food

    Use these bamboo Ladybird Feeders and Food to attract and keep ladybirds in your garden. Supplied as a pack of 2 with a sachet of food, simply mix the powdered food with a drop of water to form a paste and smear on the inside of the feeders. Suspend each feeder approx 1m above the ground in areas where ladybird hibernate. Perfect for offering food to hungry ladybirds emerging from hibernation or for offering food later in the year when food is becoming scarce. Add more food as needed or it is a good idea to clean the feeders out and add fresh food every 3-4 weeks. These Ladybird Feeders are supplied in a TWIN PACK with a sachet of food. N.B. Extra Ladybird Food is available all year round.

    Special Offer - Add an extra 2 x Sachets of Ladybird Food for £5.98 saving £2.00 off the nomral price.

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  3. Butterfly Feeder

    Use this colourful and attractive Butterfly Feeder to feed butterflies and bees.  Features a central sponge feeder and 2 nectar pots on a landing platform ideal for offering up Butterfly Food / sugar water. Hang the Butterly Feeder on a wall, fence or post, add butterfly food or sugar water to the yellow feeding sponge / feeding cups on the landing platform. Includes 1 sachet of Butterfly Food worth £3.49.

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  4. Bumble Bee and Mammal Nester

    The Bumble Bee and Mammal Nester is made from FSC certified timber and recycled plastic and is finished in bright attractive colours, which have been shown to attract queen bumble bees. It comes complete with a landing platform and an overhanging roof that can be opened, so you can observe the colony. It also has vent holes in rear of box to prevent condensation. Comes with chopped meadow hay nesting material included. H 14.5cm x W 32cm x D 24cm.

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  5. Butterfly House and Feeder

    This attractive Butterfly House and Feeder is made from solid FSC timber and can be used as a feeder in the summer and then as a house in the winter. In the summer fold down the front feeder tray it to offer butterfly food and sweet ripe fruit to your butterflies. In the winter fold the tray up to create a cosy over-wintering home for non-migratory butterflies. H 24cm x W 24cm x D 18cm.

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  6. Ladybird Barn Giftbox

    Regular Price: £27.50

    Special Price £24.99

    This Ladybird Barn Giftbox contains all you need to keep ladybirds happy in your garden. The Ladybird Barn included in this giftbox is ideal for releasing ladybirds into, so order this giftbox on its own or why not include a VOUCHER for 25 x Adult Ladybirds (redeemable between April and August 2020), so the receipient  can release LIVE ladybirds directly into their garden. Delivered in a plain white box ready for wrapping, this giftbox contains contains a Ladybird Barn, 1 sachet of Ladybird Food, a Ladybird Field Guide and 5 ladybird shaped chocolates. Contents normally £30.98, Price £27.50 saving £3.48. SOLD OUT

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  7. Hogilo Hedgehog House

    As featured on BBC Autumn Watch this Hogilo Hedgehog House is handmade in Britain and is a purpose built hedgehog nesting box and shelter, which can also be used as a sheltered feeding area. Manufactured from durable FSC timber and recycled agricultural waste, it has been designed to be well insulated. Measures 23 x 52 x 40cm. Weight: 3.40 kg. Delivered by courier - see courier restrictions below.

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  8. Hedgehog Shelter

    The Hedgehog Shelter is designed to look as natural as possible while providing a safe retreat for hedgehogs. It has a sturdy rust-proofed steel frame and a water-proof roof liner, which is covered with a brush wood finish. It also features a predator defense tunnel. Measures H 25cm x W 43cm x L 50cm

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  9. Ceramic Bumblebee Nester

    This best selling Ceramic Bumblebee Nester is an attractive, ceramic bumblebee / mammal habitat made from frost resistant, hi- fired ceramic and is shaped like a traditional bee skep. The Ceramic Bumblebee Nester provides a dry and ventilated home for bumblebees that looks good in the garden and being frost-resistent it can be left in position all year round. The Ceramic Bumblebee Nester includes natural nesting material and instructions for siting and use. Dimensions - H 18cm x W 19cm x D 19cm. SOLD OUT

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  10. Ladybird Giftbox

    This Ladybird Giftbox contains all you need to keep ladybirds happy in your garden and makes a unique and interesting gift. Delivered in a plain white box ready for wrapping, this giftbox contains a Ladybird House PLUS ladybird food, a ladybird field guide and 5 ladybird shaped chocolates. Contents normally £29.93, Price £24.99 saving £4.94.

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