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Insect / Wildlife Houses and Food

It is important to encourage wildlife into our gardens as many of these visitors will naturally feed on plant pests helping to reduce pest numbers PLUS butterflies and bees will ensure your fruit, vegetables and flowers are pollinated.

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  1. Modular Bee Giftbox

    This Modulary Solitary Bee Giftbox contains our unique Modular Solitary Bee House that is shaped like honeycomb, so it can be used individually or arranged in patterns with extra houses to make a piece of "wall art" that not only looks great, but also attracts solitary bees - positioning these houses will help attract bees into your garden and it makes a unique and interesting gift. Delivered by courier in a plain white box ready for wrapping, this giftbox contains a Modular Solitary Bee House, Replacement Bee Tubes PLUS Pollinating Bee Guidea 3m pack of Mini Meadow Wildflower Seeds and 5 bee shaped chocolatesContents normally £48.96, Price £39.99 saving £8.97. SOLD OUT.

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  2. Deluxe Butterfly Giftbox

    This Deluxe Butterfly Giftbox contains our best-selling Butterfly House and Feeder PLUS lots of other "goodies" to keep the butterflies happy in your garden. A unique and interesting gift delivered in a plain white box ready for wrapping. This giftbox contains a Butterfly House and Feeder PLUS a seperate Butterfly Feeder, butterfly food, Butterfly & Bee WildlfowerSeeds, a Butterfly Field Guide and 5 butterfly shaped chocolates. Contents normally £52.95, Price £41.97 saving £10.98.

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  3. Butterfly Giftbox

    This Butterfly Giftbox contains all you need to keep butterflies happy in your garden and makes a unique and interesting gift. Delivered in a plain white box ready for wrapping, this giftbox contains a Butterfly House and Feeder PLUS butterfly food, a butterfly field guide and 5 butterfly shaped chocolates. Contents normally £34.97, Price £29.99 saving £4.97.

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  4. Ladybird and Bee Giftbox

    Packed with some of our best-selling products, this Ladybird and Bee Giftbox contains all you need to encourgae ladybirds and bees into your garden and it makes a unique and interesting gift. Delivered in a plain white box ready for wrapping, this giftbox contains a Ladybird BarnSolitary Beehive PLUS Pollinating Bee Guide and 5 ladybird / bee shaped chocolatesContents normally £50.97 Price £44.99 saving £5.98. SOLD OUT

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  5. Ceramic Frog and Toad House

    This attractive Ceramic Frog and Toad House, will provide a safe home for toads and frogs.  It is designed to be used all year round - it provides protection from predators, shade in the summer and protection from the worst of the winter weather. It is handmade in frost resistant ceramic with green decorative glazed 'tagine' style roof. Ideally place the Ceramic Frog and Toad House in a quiet, cool and shaded position to increase your chances of  toads and frogs using it. Completely maintenance free, this house makes an attractive and important, addition to your pond or garden. Dimensions: H 20cm x W 20cm x D 20cm Weight: 2.0kg. Available NOW.

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  6. Tadpole Foods

    Frogs and toads are an important part of your ponds eco-system, but sometimes food can be scarce for their tadpoles, so these Tadpole Foods are ideal for feeding them. These  2 separate Tadpole Foods, have been formulated to give the tadpoles exactly what they need during the different stages of their life. Use the Hatchling Tadpole Food for the 1st 6 weeks when they are vegetarian. Then switch to the Late Stage Tadpole Food, which is high in protein because after 6 weeks the tadpoles change to a carnivorous diet - see below. Supplied in 80g tubs. Currently unavailable - use Pond Mix instead.

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  7. Wildlife Pond Mix Twin Pack

    This Wildlife Pond Food is great for adding to any wildlife pond as it is suitable for feeding to a range of aquatic creatures including Frogs, Toads, Newts and tadpoles. It contains a blend of dried insects & crustaceans, aquatic amphibian pellets & flake food, which are high in protein. This complementary food contains Daphnia, River Shrimps, Maggots, Insect Meal, Fish Meal as well as fish oil, vitamins and minerls. This food is suitable for year round feeding – simply scatter onto the surface of your pond up to 3 times a day as required. 2 x 45g tubs. SOLD OUT

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  8. Badger Food

    This Badger (and Fox) Food contains a selection of ingredients that will keep your local badgers (and foxes) happy. This Badger Food contains a mix of peanuts, sunflower hearts, roasted suet granules, carob beans, flaked maize and raisins, which is ideal for badgers and is also loved by foxes. This feed is designed to provide a varied & healthy diet, which will keep the badgers feeding for longer. The roasted suet granules are high in protein & essential oils, which providing a wide variety of amino acids. Feed as required all year round, ensuring that there is also a fresh supply of clean water. 750g re-sealable pouches. SOLD OUT

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  9. Wild Duck Food

    This Wild Duck Food is the perfect food for feeding all wild ducks, swans & geese and is designed to keep ducks returing time and time again to your pond. It contains a mixture of floating duck pellets, flaked maize, dried shrimps and dried mealworms. This floating food is high in protein and contains a natural souce of oils and amino acids making it a complete food. Suitable for feeding all year round, simply feed as required. 500g pouches. N.B. If ordering more then 4 pouches, please see courier restrictions below, but 1 to 4 pouches are sent normal post.

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  10. Butterfly Field Guide

    There are 57 butterfly species that you are likely to see in Britain and Butterfly Field Guide has life-sized illustartion of them all. This attractive, laminated, double-sided Butterfly Field Guide has illustration and descriptions of them all to help you identify the ones in your garden. It contains details of the butterflies life-cycles, how to identify them and their behaviour.

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