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Giftboxes and Gifts

Unique Gift Ideas - Many of our products make unique and interesting gifts. Have one delivered to yourself ready to give as gift or we can send it direct to family or friends on your behalf - simply email us any message (jess@greengardener.co.uk) and we are happy to include it.

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  1. Copper Rings - STARTER PACK

    These solid Copper Slug and Snail Rings will keep plants free from slugs and snails and look attractive in your herbaceous borders and amongst vegetable crops. The Copper Rings Starter Pack  contains 3 x Standard Rings (10cm / 4" in diameter) and 3 x Large Rings (17cm / 7" in diameter).

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  2. Butterfly Feeder

    Use this colourful and attractive Butterfly Feeder to feed butterflies and bees.  Features a central sponge feeder and 2 nectar pots on a landing platform ideal for offering up Butterfly Food / sugar water. Hang the Butterly Feeder on a wall, fence or post, add butterfly food or sugar water to the yellow feeding sponge / feeding cups on the landing platform. Includes 1 sachet of Butterfly Food worth £3.49.

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  3. Slug X Trap

    The Slug X Trap is a simple, but effective slug trap, which uses beer to attract slugs and snails and is one of our best sellers. It will last for years and being flat bottomed and mobile it can be moved around the garden or used on flat / hard surfaces.

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  4. Copper Bands STARTER Pack

    Made in the UK, use these Copper Slug and Snail Bands to protect plants in your borders / veg garden from slugs and snails. Slugs and snails hate copper, because of reaction between their mucus and the copper. When the slugs and snails come into contact with the ring they are repelled and will crawl away. Copper Band Starter Pack contains 5 x Standard Bands (make rings 4"/10cm in diameter) and 5 x Large Bands (make rings 7"/17cm in diameter), but they may be clipped together for large plants. SOLD OUT

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  5. Box Tree Moth Trap inc Buxus Lure

    NEW DARK GREEN COLOUR - Use the Box Tree Moth Trap to protect your box plants if you know there are moths in the area or position to monitor moth activity in your area. Each trap is supplied with our unique SEASON LONG pheromone lure - the Ginko Buxux lure we include will attract moths for around 240 days unlike our competitors lures, which only last for approx 6 weeks, so it works out much better value for money in the long run PLUS you do not have to remember to change lures every 6 weeks! The lure is added to the top of the trap and secured with the tie included. The trap is designed to be re-usable, so a replacement lure can be purchased the following season and the trap re-used. Each Box Tree Moth Trap comes complete with 1 seasons worth of lure.

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  6. Ladybird Breeding Kit

    This Ladybird Breeding Kit contains everything you need to raise your own ladybirds (NATIVE British Adalia Bipunctata Ladybirds), which can then be released into your garden. This Ladybird Breeding Kit comes complete with clear plastic breeding chamber (12cm in diameter), an educational poster, instruction guide and EITHER 25 x LIVE Ladybird Larvae and food or a VOUCHER for the 1st lot of ladybird larvae and food included redeemable between Feb and September. Ladybird Larvae are available NOW, so select LIVE ladybirds or a VOUCHER (ideal as a gift) below. 

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  7. Nemaslug Giftbox

    This Nemaslug Giftbox contains a VOUCHER for our best-selling Nemaslug Slug Killer, which can be redeemed anytime in 2020 PLUS other slug related products. Delivered in a plain white box ready for wrapping, this giftbox contains a VOUCHER for a 40 sqm pack of Nemaslug Slug Killer (or upgrade to a 100 sqm VOUCHER) PLUS a Hoseend Feeder, a 1L bag of Slug Gone Wool Pellets, pack of 3 x Slug Bagz, Serrated Copper Tape and 5 ladybird shaped chocolates. Contents normally £56.45, Price £44.99 saving £11.46.

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  8. Worm Inn Hanging Wormery

    Regular Price: £129.00

    Special Price £89.00

    The Hanging Worm Inn Wormery creates the perfect conditions for worms to thrive as the air can flow through it and the liquid constantly drains, so there is NO risk of the wormery becoming water-logged. The Hanging Worm Inn Wormery is made from a waterproof, breathable and strong fabric and features a drawstring with locking toggles in the base and a strong, zippered, net lid. Simply hang it from a tree, from the rafters in a shed or garage or from a stand you can make. The Worm Inn comes complete with the fabric wormery, the corner kit for the stand (the plastic pipe is NOT included), and a worm VOUCHER (the worm can be requested when the wormery is hung up and you are ready to begin), 2kg of lime mix, 2kg of worm treat, coir bedding and full instructions.

    N.B. We include the corners and instructions to make the stand, so buy 4 lengths of ¾” or 32mm plastic pipe (not included) and any novice DIY’er should be able to construct it.

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  9. Solitary Beehive

    This best-selling Solitary Beehive has been designed to simulate the natural nesting conditions that solitary bees love. This wooden Solitary Beehive has a durable timber roof and base with wooden nesting trays in-between, which are all held together with two stainless steel bolts - this allows easy access. Designed to attract non-swarming bees like the Red Mason Bee, Leafcutter Bee and other solitary bees, these friendly bees are safe around children and pets (they rarely sting). It can be sited in the garden at anytime of year and solitary bees (and their off-spring) will use it year after year. Can be free-standing or hung from a wall, fence or post. Height x 20cm width x 18cm depth x 16cm.

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  10. Bumble Bee and Mammal Nester

    The Bumble Bee and Mammal Nester is made from FSC certified timber and recycled plastic and is finished in bright attractive colours, which have been shown to attract queen bumble bees. It comes complete with a landing platform and an overhanging roof that can be opened, so you can observe the colony. It also has vent holes in rear of box to prevent condensation. Comes with chopped meadow hay nesting material included. H 14.5cm x W 32cm x D 24cm.

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