Composters and Raised Beds

Composting is the best way to deal with organic waste, as it returns valuable organic matter to the soil in the form of easy to handle compost. Raised Beds are a great way of growing plants as they are free draining and you can fill them with better soil.

  • Composters - Efficient home composting is essential for a green gardener - compost lawn clippings, weeds, leaves, flowers, prunings, hedge trimmings etc. These composters create the perfect conditions for garden waste to break down into compost.
  • Compost Accelerators - Compost Treat contains a range of beneficial bacteria, which when added to your compost heap will help to produce rich organic compost.
  • Jute Leaf Sacks - These sacks are great for collecting and the fast composting of leaves.
  • Raised Beds - These raised beds are made from sturdy FSC timber, simply slot together (no tools required) and are pressure treated with a natural wood preservative, so they will last for years.