"I bought lacewing larvae for a couple of years now and they’ve had a great affect on the aphids, so last autumn we put up a lacewing chamber too. Now I must admit that I was a little sceptical that it would actually work, but left it out and then stored it away for the winter. I put it out at the end of April (I only remembered when loads of aphids appeared on my roses) and I was pleasantly surprised to see little lacewing larvae just a couple of days later. Suffice to say the roses are now aphid free and the apple tree has stayed aphid free. Many thanks for bringing to my attention a great natural product that really works." Regards Duncan

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Green Gardener - the natural way to keep your garden looking good

Hedgehog, Bee and Butterfly Houses - A range of houses designed to encourage beneficial insects and wildlife to breed and over-winter in your garden. Positioning bee and Butterfly houses, hedgehog houses and sow wildlife seeds to encourage beneficial insects / animals to feed, breed & over winter in YOUR garden. The range includes :- 

  • Hedgehog Houses - A great garden feature, which will attract hedgehogs and help them survive the winter.
  • Bee Houses - For BOTH solitary and Bumble Bees.
  • Butterfly House and Feeder - can be used as a feeder in the summer and then as a house in the winter.
  • Wildlife Seeds (for Ladybirds, Bees and Butterflies) and Seed Mats (for Bees and Butterflies).
  • Beepol Bumble Bee Hives and Beepol Villa. Bumblebees are available between May and July.

Hedgehog Houses

Hedgehog Shelter£19.99Add Hedgehog Shelter      
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Hogilo Hedgehog House£59.99Add Hogilo Hedgehog House      
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Hedgehog Houses - Hedgehogs love slugs and other pests, so positioning a hedgehog house is a great way to attract a hedgehog into your garden and to help it survive the winter. Around 25% of hedgehogs do not survive the winter, so to help these beneficial creatures over-winter in your garden, position a hedgehog house. A hedgehog house will also protect hedgehogs from garden strimmers, forks and tools, pets and other predators such as badgers and foxes.


Best Selling - Hedgehog Shelter This house is designed to look as natural as possible while providing a safe retreat for hedgehogs. It has a sturdy rust-proofed steel frame and a water-proof roof liner, which is covered with a brush wood finish. It also features a predator defence tunnel. Hedgehogs will use this hedgehog house ALL YEAR ROUND, but they hibernate from November to April depending on the temperature. The shelter should be covered with additional twigs, branches and leaves in winter for extra insulation (at least 5cm) - other than this there is no maintenance necessary. Available NOW.


New - Hogilo Hedgehog House - As featured on BBC Autumn Watch. Handmade in Britain, this hedgehog house is a purpose built nesting box and shelter, which can also be used as a sheltered feeding area. Manufactured from durable FSC timber and recycled agricultural waste, it has been designed to be well insulated, while the wooden interior is "breathable" to prevent condensation. Featuring a svivel lid (which is easy to open) for easy access (for cleaning), it also has a overhanging roof for rain protection, raised battened feet to prevent rot and a predator-resistant entrance. It is also large enough that it can be used as a safe feeding lounge. Position the Hogilo is a quiet spot within cover, away from prevailing winds and put a couple of handfuls of short dry grass and leaves inside the box as nesting material - gloves should be worn to prevent the transfer of human scent. Measures 23 x 52 x 40cm. Weight: 3.40 kg. Available NOW.

Solitary Bee Houses

Solitary Bee Hive£24.50Add Solitary Bee Hive      
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Solitary Bee Tube includes 30 tubes - currently unavailable
30 replacement Nesting Tubes for Solitary Bee Tube£9.99Add 30 replacement Nesting Tubes for Solitary Bee Tube      
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Bees for pollination - Bees are very important to the garden's natural balance and are essential for pollination of fruit, vegetables and herbs. These bee nesting boxes provide solitary bees with ideal sites to lay eggs. Siting these houses in your garden will increase bee numbers leading to better pollination of flowers etc. The Red Mason Bee (Osmia rufa) is active in the garden from March to July and is responsible for pollinating top fruit and soft fruit. The Blue Orchard Bee (Osmia lignaria) is active in the garden from May to September and is an effective pollinator of summer flowers, herbs and vegetables.


Best-Selling - Solitary Beehive - This wooden beehive (bees prefer wooden nesting sites) has a durable timber roof and base with wooden nesting trays in-between, which are all held together with two stainless steel bolts - this allows easy access to the entire beehive. The solitary bees then lay their eggs inside the holes and seal them with mud or chewed up vegetation, so it is easy to tell if it is being used. The following year the adults and their offspring will use the same nest again building up the numbers of bees in your garden each year. Site the solitary beehive 1-2 metres high, in a sheltered site which catches the morning sun and near scented plants. A mud supply is useful, but not essential. Height x 200mm width x 180mm depth x 160mm. Approx weight 1.5kg.


Solitary Bee Tube – This high capacity nesting tube is for solitary bees like leafcutter and mason bees and is ideal for orchards / large gardens. This simple nest provides 30 tubes in, which these gentle non-aggressive bees lay their eggs. From March to August the female bees will lay eggs in the tubes, which will develop over the winter before emerging as adult bees the following spring. The males and females then mate and the whole cycle of the females laying the larvae in the tubes begins over again. Solitary bees are non-aggressive, so they are perfectly safe to encourage into the garden and will not be a danger to children or pets. Once the bees start to use this nester, it will be used year after year as the population increases. The cardboard tubes are designed to be replaced as needed (tubes are available separately in packs of 30) - using fresh cardboard tubes every season will ensure excellent bee health is maintained. Currently unavailable.

Bumble Bee Houses

Bumble Bee and mammal nester£34.99Add Bumble Bee and mammal nester      
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Ceramic Bumblebee Nester£19.99Add Ceramic Bumblebee Nester      
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Bumble Bees for pollination - Bumblebees are excellent pollinators of shrubs, trees, garden flowers and vegetables and are very important to the garden's natural balance. These bee nesting boxes provide bumble bees with ideal sites to lay eggs. Siting these houses in your garden will increase bee numbers leading to better pollination of flowers etc. 

Bumble Bee and mammal nester -  Bumble bees are as essential pollinators in the garden, but their numbers are in decline, so by positioning a Bumble Bee and mammal nester in your garden, you can attract more to your garden. Bumblebees often nest in old mice and vole nests, so it makes a sense to have a nester which is attractive to both Bumblebees and small mammals, so once the mice or voles have moved out the Bumblebees can move in (make sure you leave the old mouse nest in place). This handmade nester is made from FSC certified timber and recycled plastic and is finished in bright attractive colours, which have been shown to attract queen bumble bees. It comes complete with a landing platform and an overhanging roof that can be opened, so you can observe the colony. Site in a shaded area from ground level up to 2ms as required (full siting instructions are included). Comes with chopped meadow hay nesting material included.


"I received the Bee Boxes yesterday and just want to say how pleased I am with the construction, delivery and presentation - I am sure that my sister will be extremely pleased to receive them. I will certainly tell other people about and use your company again." Regards Liz Anderson

Best-Selling - Ceramic bumblebee and Mammal Nester - This attractive ceramic bumblebee and mammal habitat is made from frost resistant hi- fired ceramic and is shaped like a traditional bee skep. It provides a dry and ventilated home for bumblebees and also mini mammals such as voles and shrews - bumblebees often seek out old mouse nests to nest in, so don't be disappointed if you get a mouse / vole or shrew nesting in it for the first year as this is will make it more attractive to bumblebees in the following years. The Ceramic bumblebee and Mammal Nester includes natural nesting material and instructions for siting and use. Dimensions - H 180mm x W 190mm x D 190mm.

Beepol Bumblebees & Villa

Large Beepol Bumblebee Box - available again in 2018
Beepol Villa with a VOUCHER for the Bumblebees in 2018£170.00Add Beepol Villa with a VOUCHER for the Bumblebees in 2018      
to your Shopping Basket
Beepol TREE Villa with a VOUCHER for the Bumblebees in 2018 INCLUDES Tree Bracket£190.00Add Beepol TREE Villa with a VOUCHER for the Bumblebees in 2018 INCLUDES Tree Bracket      
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Tree Bracket for Beepol Villa - bracket ONLY£29.00Add Tree Bracket for Beepol Villa - bracket ONLY      
to your Shopping Basket
Anti Wax Moth Spray concentrate - 250ml£22.50Add Anti Wax Moth Spray concentrate - 250ml      
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Beepol Bumble Bee Boxes and Beepol Villa – Bumblebees are one of the most important pollinators in the garden, pollinating fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs, but their numbers are decreasing. This recent decline in bumblebee numbers has been widely reported, so why not position a LIVE colony of bumblebees in your garden to boost their numbers and ensure pollination of YOUR plants. Bumble Bees are available between May and July. Finished for this year - available again in 2018.

N.B. Bumblebees have finished for this year, but we still supply the Beepol Villa with a Bumblee VOUCHER, which can be redeemed next year as it is a popular gift.


Native British Bumble Bees - Bumblebees are widely used in commercial horticulture to pollinate crops and now you too can release native buff-tailed bumblebees (Bombus terrestris audax) in YOUR garden. Bumblebees are responsible for pollinating lots of plants in your garden including runner beans, broad beans, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, gooseberries, sunflowers, cherries, pears, plums, apples, peaches, courgettes, marrows, pumpkins, gourds, aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and strawberries. It is better to release bumblebees to increase pollination because bumblebees visit more flowers, carry heavier loads and are active at lower temperatures than honeybees. Bumblebees also use “buzz pollination”, which helps pollinate a wider variety of plants.

Beepol Bumble Bee Box – Native live bumble bees delivered straight to your door. Available between May and July. N.B. This year ALL Bumblebee Boxes WILL BE SPRAYED with new Anti Wax Moth Spray before delivery.  Finished for this year - available again in 2018.

Beepol Bumble Bee Box –  This maintenance free hive contains a queen and 50 workers ready for release in YOUR garden. Beepol Bumble Bee Boxes are NOT weatherproof and needs to be placed under cover i.e. in a greenhouse OR place it inside the Beepol Bumble Bee Villa (see below). Once in position, the Bumble Bee Box can survive for between 8-12 weeks during which time the population increases to 200 / 300 bees. They can be observed going about their work, as they bring pollen back to the hive. The Beepol Bumble Bee Box has been designed to educate as well as pollinate and features a clear viewing panel, so you can observe the colony as it develops. Bumblebees are released through an easy to use trap door system, which is very safe to use PLUS it can also be used to hold bees in the hive if it needs to be moved to a new position i.e. if you want to move it from a greenhouse out into the garden. After 8-12 weeks the queen bee dies, but before she does, she produces young queens that will leave the hive to hibernate before establishing fresh new colonies in the local area. The whole process can then be repeated with a fresh hive. Bumble Bees are available between May and July.



N.B. Please be aware that this video features the OLD DEGIGN of the Beepol Lodge and it has now been updated for 2017 - see below.


"I ordered bumblebees from you and they arrived today and are settling in well! The weather could not have been better for them. Some of them are taking a bit longer to work out the door flap than others, but they seem very happy. Thank you for providing a fascinating addition to my garden." Regards Sue Clark


"I just wanted to say  a huge thank you – the bees arrived this morning and they are very much alive and buzzing! Opened them up according to the instructions and the affect was almost immediate – 30+ bees flying backwards and forwards to the hive – it’s  a lovely sight! I cannot thank you enough for your prompt service." Kindest regards, Andrea


"Hello Jon, I was intrigued by your offer of a bumble bee hive and some months back took possession of one. We have a lot of fruit bushes and trees and wanted to increase our chances of pollination. The results have been great and we have thoroughly enjoyed watching them hard at work." David Walker by email


Beepol Villa – The Beepol Villa has been re-designed for 2017 to improve the conditions for the bees, so the hive can develop into as larger colony as possible. This new Beepol Villa houses the larger Beepol Bumble Bee Box, which contains a queen and 50 workers - similar to those used by commercial growers for pollination of tomatoes and strawberry crops. 


Beepol Villa – Positioning a Beepol Villa in your garden will improve the pollination of a range of plants including flowers, fruit and vegetables PLUS it looks good and it is great talking point! Ideal for gardens, orchards or for incorporating into landscape features and designs. The Beepol Villa is made from durable FSC sourced timber and has been designed to house the Beepol Bumble Bee Box. It has a felt roof for increased weather protection, has ventilation for air flow to the bees and to allow the hive to cool down in hot weather conditions and has 4 solid feet to keep the hive stable. The lid simply lifts on and off, so it is easy to inspect the hive, study the bees at work or for access for spraying anto-wax moth spray. The Beepol Villa is designed to be re-used each year as a new Beepol Bumblebee Box can be inserted each year. The Beepol Villa measures - Width 31cm x Height 32cm x Depth 34cm.


Beepol Villa with Tree Bracket - Beepol Villa can be ordered with a Tree Bracket, so that the Villa can be positioned on a tree, fence or on the side of a building. This raises the Beepol Villa and the hive inside away from potential threats like Badgers, Foxes or interference from children or adults. The wooden bracket comes complete with screws for attaching bracket to a tree, fence or side of building. The bracket is made from FSC sourced timber. 


New - Anti Wax Moth Spray Bumblebee nests in the wild can sometimes be invaded by wax moths, which lay their eggs within the hive and once the larvae hatch they feed on the contents and kill the nest. Stop this happening to your Beepol Hive by spraying your Beepol Villa / Bee box with this new Anti Wax Moth Spray. Wax Moth tends to be more of a problem in certain parts of the country, so if your hive is attacked, it is a good idea to treat with Anti Wax Moth Spray in following years as it is obviously in the area. Signs of a wax moth infestation are silk webbing within the hive and then the appearance of grey/brown maggots. This new Anti Wax Moth Spray is supplied as a concentrate (which will keep in the fridge from one year to the next) and contains natural bacteria, which in tests at Stockbridge Technology Centre in Yorkshire in 2015, resulted in 100% success rate for the efficacy of wax moth larvae on a Beepol hive. Simply dilute the concentrate (10ml to 200ml of water) and spray all surfaces of the Villa and outside of the box every 3-4 weeks. 

Butterfly House & Accessories

Butterfly House and Feeder£19.99Add Butterfly House and Feeder      
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Butterfly Food and attractant - 2 sachets£6.75Add Butterfly Food and attractant - 2 sachets      
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Special Offer - Buy a Butterfly House and 2 sachets of food and SAVE £2.00£24.74Add Special Offer - Buy a Butterfly House and 2 sachets of food and SAVE £2.00      
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Butterfly Field Guide£6.95Add Butterfly Field Guide      
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Butterfly Seed Mixture - 7m2 pack normally £12.99 SAVE £6.50£6.50Add Butterfly Seed Mixture - 7m2 pack normally £12.99 SAVE £6.50      
to your Shopping Basket
New - Butterfly House and Feeder - Many species of butterflies are becoming rare due to habitat loss. By providing them with food and shelter you can help stop their decline. This new attractive Butterfly House and Feeder is made from solid FSC timber and can be used as a feeder in the summer and then as a house in the winter. 


New - Butterfly House and Feeder - In the winter fold the tray up to create a cosy over-wintering home for non-migratory butterflies. Fill the inside with dry bark, straw, dry leaves or shredded paper to create a warm, sheltered home for the winter, which butterflies and also ladybirds and lacewings will use.In the summer fold down the front feeder tray and use it to offer butterfly food and sweet ripe fruit to your butterflies.  Butterflies will use these tray for feeding and be attracted to the house. Simply position in a warm sheltered spot in the morning sun to help to replace lost butterfly breeding sites. Butterflies will use the house for roosting. Small tortoiseshell, peacock and comma butterflies can use the house for hibernating. Silver winged fritillary may also use the house for breeding, laying eggs in the box and chrysalis could form on the roof. H 24cm x W 24cm x D 18cm


Butterfly Food and attractant - A unique blend of foods and vitamins suitable for feeding butterflies and moths. Also contains an attractant based on a natural plant extract. Use to attract butterflies to the butterfly house. Use from spring onwards - simply mix 1 rounded teaspoon with water until fully dissolved and pour the mixture into the pots around the butterfly house feeding tray.


Butterfly Field Guide - This attractive laminated field guide will help you identify the many kinds of butterfly you find in your garden.


SALE - Butterfly Seed Mixture - This seed mixture contain seeds from a variety of flowers that have been chosen as they have been shown to attract butterflies. The mixture includes 23 annual and perennial flowers, including anethum, trifolium, agrostemma and onobrychis and others appreciated by butterflies. This butterfly mixture will flower over a 2 year period - to keep your floral meadow flowering at its best, after the 1st years flowering, cut the flowers back to 10cm high and then remove the green waste after 10 days. The butterfly seeds arrive ready to sow in 3m2 or 7m2 boxes and can be sown anytime between March and June. normally £12.99 NOW £6.50 SAVING £6.50


"I ordered your wildflowers earlier in the year. I wanted to let you know that they are a pure delight and full of different bees, bumblebees, butterflies, hoverflies and caterpillars. Plus other insects and beetles. Thank you." Best wishes Annie S by email


N.B. Why not have a go at breeding your own butterflies? - Our Butterfly Breeding Kits come with everything you need to breed your own Painted Lady butterflies - watch them develop from caterpillar to butterflies. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Seed Mixtures, Seed Mats and Guides

Butterfly Seed Mixture - 7m2 pack normally £12.99 SAVE £6.50£6.50Add Butterfly Seed Mixture - 7m2 pack normally £12.99 SAVE £6.50      
to your Shopping Basket
Bee Seed Mat - 2m x 50cm currently unavailable
Bee Field Guide£6.95Add Bee Field Guide      
to your Shopping Basket

SALE - Wildlife Seeds - These seed mixtures / mats contain seeds from a variety of flowers that have been chosen as they have been shown to attract insects.   

SALE - Butterfly Seed Mixture - This seed mixture contain seeds from a variety of flowers that have been chosen as they have been shown to attract butterflies. The mixture includes 23 annual and perennial flowers, including anethum, trifolium, agrostemma and onobrychis and others appreciated by butterflies. normally £12.99 NOW £6.50 SAVING £6.50



SALE - Bee Seed Mats – These seed mats are the easy way to introduce wildflowers into your garden. These ready seeded biodegradable mats contain mixed flower seeds that have been carefully selected to attact butterflies PLUS they control weeds too. These seed mats are made up of two layers of tissue paper with flower seeds between them.  When laid onto prepared soil and covered with a thin layer of sand, clean soil or compost these mats will suppress weeds, while encouraging the germination of flower seeds. Each seed mat measures 2m x 50cm and you can lay these seedmats in the spring and summer. Each mat contains mixed flower seeds (annual, biennial and perrennial species) from wild flowers that are a great souce of nectar and pollen for bees. Some of the varieties included Common Knapweed, Greater Knapweed, Golden Rod, Chrysanthemum mix, Borage, Cornflower, Verbana and many more. Currently unavailable.


Bee Field Guide - This attractive 8 page laminated field guide features details on 28 species of bee, which can commonly be seen flying in our gardens. This field guide helps you identify, understand and help the bees in your garden. The guide includes information on flight periods, distribution of each species in Britain, and useful pointers to help distinguish between similar-looking species. Each chart is laminated to make it shower-proof and robust for use outdoors. Clear colour illustrations and text by experts in the subject make these valuable resources for all age groups.