"Wow!! We love them. My husband put the panel right at the top of the lilac tree pointing up and south. I came down at 5am and there they were still twinkling brightly. Was a bit anxious the planes would think it was a runway. Think I will get some more. Good Christmas presents!" L. Flemming, East Sussex

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Solar LED Lights They charge by day & then AUTOMATICALLY come on at night and being solar powered there are NO running costs & they can be positioned anywhere. These solar lights are designed to work in the UK all year round i.e. they work in winter too!


  • Solar Utility Lights - This versatile solar powered motion sensitive light can be used inside i.e. in your shed or outside i.e. on your wall.
  • Solar Party Lights (pictured left) - These newly designed solar powered LED party lights are a great way to decorate you garden for BBQ's and parties in the Summer.

Solar Utlilty Light

Solar Utility Light normally £24.99 SAVE £10.00 - SOLD OUT

Special Offer - Solar Utility Light - This versatile solar powered motion sensitive light can be used inside i.e. in your shed or outside i.e. on your wall. It will light up for 25 seconds whenever motion is detected. Perfect for finding your hammer in the dark or lighting the path to your door. SOLD OUT

Special Offer - Solar Utility Light normally £24.99 NOW £14.99 saving £10.00.

Solar Utility Light - The Solar Utility Light can be used OUTDOORS as a solar security light, a doorstep courtesy light or a solar shed light. Alternatively the unit can be installed INDOORS to light a variety of outbuildings including garages, workshops, sheds, shelters and stables as long as the panel is positioned outside in the sun. With 4.8m of cable between the solar panel and light, the panel can be positioned in the sunlight and the light in the shade / imdoors. The unit will illuminate up for 25 seconds as soon as itís PIR sensor detects motion. It stays lit the whole time motion is detected and turns off 25 seconds after the motion stops. PIR detection range 2m to 6.5m and features a dusk til Dawn Light Sensor. Dimensions : Light Body - width 170mm, depth 90mm and height 130mm. Solar Panel - 155mm x 75mm.

Solar Utility Light This Solar Utility Light features 15 Super bright LED lights and a 0.6W solar panel and once charged it will light for 16 hours and lights up for 25 seconds once motion is detected. At night it illuminates when it detects motion in the same way as regular mains powered security lights. Simply mount the Solar Security Light and the solar panel within 4.8 metres of each other. The light can be mounted indoors i.e. in a shed, but the solar panel MUST be mounted oudoors in the light i.e. on the shed roof and then plug the panel cable into the light unit.

Solar Party Lights

White Solar Party Lights normally £34.99 SAVE £10.00 - SOLD OUT
Multi Coloured Solar Party Lights - SOLD OUT

Special Offer - Solar LED Party lights - These newly designed solar powered LED party lights are a great way to decorate you garden for BBQ's and parties in the Summer. Being Solar Powered they charge by day and then light up at night and as they work on renewable solar energy, there are NO operating costs and they are environmentally friendly. NEW USB Chargeable - These Party Lights are USB chargeable, which means you can fully charge them via a USB port too. SOLD OUT

Special Offer - Solar LED Party lights normally £34.99 NOW £24.99 saving £10.00.

Solar LED Party lights - Each set features 16m of cable with 20 balls spaced 80 cm apart. Choose between EITHER 20 WHITE or MULTI COLOURED lights (4 x Red, 4 x Blue, 4 x Green and 4 x Yellow lights alternating along the string) which are 50mm in diameter and have 1 x LED light in each. With 2m of cable from the Solar Panel to the 1st light, the solar panel can be positioned in a sunny area and then you can position the lights anywhere in the garden.There is 80 cms of cable between each ball, so it is easy to position the lights as a border to your party area. The panel has two mounting options - post or spike. The lights have 6 Different lighting modes.