My daughter bought us a camera bird box for Christmas and you said to keep you informed. To my delight, tonight we have had our first egg!! Mother is in the box now, very uncomfortable, poor thing and I am sure we will have more soon. The camera is honestly one of the most wonderful presents we have ever had and is a joy to us and everyone who visits us. I run courses from home and if the enthusiasm of course members is anything to go by, you will certainly have many more customers.

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Live from Whitmore Wood - We have a range of cameras in the woods to bring you LIVE pictures. 

LIVE pictures from Whitmore Wood Webcam - The birds have moved out of the camera bird-box having successfully raised their chicks, so I have moved the camera to show the coming and goings of one of our Bumblebee Villas. The plastic door is a anti-wax moth flap and it is fascinating to watch them trying to negotiate it. Please take a look at the latest LIVE pictures.


"Hi all, its lovely watching your bird cams and i've noticed you have a new resident in the nest box. Looking forward to seeing the nest built & chicks being raised" Shaz by email

Live Webcam


Pictures from the woods The webcam is be broadcasting pictures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from a series of cameras located in Whitmore Wood :-




"Can we just say how much we are enjoying your baby bird webcam. We are a small school in Kenilworth, Crackley Hall, and my little class of 6 and 7 year olds love to check what’s happening regularly throughout the day." Many thanks, Carrie Holmes


"I have managed to see 4 eggs, but maybe there are more hidden under the nest material. It's lovely to have an insight to what happens at nesting time, I've even been treated to the sight of the male bringing food to the female - fabulous! Thank you for allowing us to share these wonderful pictures." Ali by email


"It is so amazing seeing what happens, it really makes you think about things that you take for granted!!  I can't wait to see how many eggs have hatched, i thought 9 of the 11 but i think it may be less!! I will keep watching!!" Anne


"Hi Jonathan. I’m still avidly watching in the hope I’ll see at least some of the chicks leave the nest.  It’s been fun watching them again today! Yesterday the chicks lined up neatly for me to count them – definitely 11!" Kind regards Kay


"Hello Jon. I think I’ve managed to count 11 blue tit chicks which, if I’m right, means that all the eggs hatched successfully! Thanks so much for putting the feed from the web cam online, it’s been a delight to watch for the last week or so – rather like having a personal ‘Springwatch’ on my PC!" Best wishes,Heather Bird

"Your bird box webcam lightens my working day – I like to check it to see whether anything is nesting there yet. I notice a bird was sleeping in it the other night!" Thanks Jo

"I would like to add my grateful thanks to those of your other birdcam watchers for being able to watch your marvellous movie and its beautiful feathered star! It is coming into winter here in Australia, and it is good to be reminded of the inevitable return of spring." Regards, Jillian Heeley, Canberra

"Thanks so much for providing hours of avid watching the bluetits grow and develop. I have been glued to the webcam and thought thay may go today but horror of horrors, whilst writing a quick email, they've disapperaed and Ive missed them!!!! I'm stunned! We have a boxful of our own again this yearafter thinking it wasn't occupied so perhaps to avoid disappointment, I may have to put a webcam on my wishlist for next year! Many thanks for providing us with a close-up of nature at its best." Ann Grindey by email