"I had to write to let you know how thrilled my grandchildren were with the butterfly kits. They couldn't wait to get out of bed to check on the progress of the caterpillars, all of whom turned into beautiful butterflies. I was invited down for the release of the butterflies this weekend and the children have been telephoning to let me know that they are still around. This is the most marvellous introduction to the wonders of nature and I will definitely be re-ordering for my younger grandchildren." Best wishes Marjorie Condie

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Butterfly and Ladybird Kits - These re-usable kits allow children & adults to watch all stages of butterfly and ladybird development. We only use native British species, so they can then be released in your garden.


  • Butterfly Kits - These kits allow you to watch Painted Lady butterflies develop.
  • Caterpillar refills
  • Ladybird Kits - Produce your own native ladybirds to release in your garden.
  • Ladybird Larvae refills - available NOW
  • Houses, Field Guides, Food & Attractant.


N.B. Our Butterfly & Ladybird Kits come with a VOUCHER for the 1st lot of caterpillars/larvae included, so order the kit anytime and then redeem the voucher between March and Sept.

Butterfly Breeding Kits

Butterfly Garden - includes voucher for 5 caterpillars - redeem in 2018£19.99Add Butterfly Garden - includes voucher for 5 caterpillars - redeem in 2018      
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Classroom Butterfly Kit - includes voucher for 33 caterpillars - redeem in 2018£59.99Add Classroom Butterfly Kit - includes voucher for 33 caterpillars - redeem in 2018      
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Caterpillar Refill Voucher - Voucher for 5 caterpillars and food - redeem in 2018£13.50Add Caterpillar Refill Voucher - Voucher for 5 caterpillars and food - redeem in 2018      
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Classroom Refill Voucher - Voucher for 33 Caterpillars - redeem in 2018£39.99Add Classroom Refill Voucher - Voucher for 33 Caterpillars - redeem in 2018      
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Butterfly Breeding Kits - These Butterfly Breeding Kits come with everything you need to raise your own Painted Lady butterflies - watch the caterpillars develop into butterflies and because they are native to the UK, once developed, you can keep them for a few days before releasing them into your garden. Our Butterfly Breeding Kits come with a fully paid  VOUCHER for the 1st lot of caterpillars included i.e. other suppliers require you to pay extra postage, so it can be ordered at anytime and then the voucher can be redeemed anytime between March and September. These kits are designed to be re-useable, so when you are ready to have another go, just order a Caterpillar Refill.  

Butterfly Breeding Kits - Our kits feature caterpillars of the Painted Lady Butterfly (Vanessa cardui, L), which are native, migrating butterfly, that can fly thousands of miles in search of food. They lay up to 500 eggs and their caterpillars feed on weeds such as nettles. Once you have released your butterflies, they can often be seen for several days- especially if you have a butterfly friendly garden and feeder. These Butterfly Breeding kits come with everything you need to raise your own Painted Lady butterflies  :-

Butterfly Garden - This colourful and reusable Butterfly Garden allows you to study 5 butterflies from caterpillar to butterfly. The Butterfly Garden includes a 30cm hanging / free-standing mesh garden, VOUCHER for 5 Painted Lady caterpillars and food, pipette for feeding and full instructions.


Classroom Butterfly Kit - This Classroom kit allows each student to have their own caterpillar. This kit is designed especially for classrooms and comes with a large 63cm hanging / free-standing mesh habitat and a VOUCHER for 33 Painted Lady caterpillars and food, 33 vials, lids and food (so each student can have their own caterpillar in their own individual pot with food) and full instructions. N.B. We do have offers for schools on our Educational page - CLICK HERE to find out more


Caterpillar Refills - These kits are designed to be re-useable, so when you are ready to have another go, just order a Caterpillar Refill. The caterpillars are delivered in a sealed pot, which contain all the food they need to turn from caterpillars into adult butterflies. A Caterpillar Refill contains 5 caterpillars and food while the Classroom Refill contains 33 caterpillars and food. Available from March 2018.


What happens once you receive your kit? - Once you have your kit and are ready to start , return the voucher or register online and the caterpillars will be sent to you by 1st class post. Remember it will take 3-5 weeks for caterpillars to change into butterflies.

Caring for your caterpillars - Once your caterpillars arrive, simply watch them eat, spin silk and grow to many times their original size. The caterpillars don't need anything other than the food supplied in the cup and the small holes in the lid of the cup will provide plenty of air. They can stay as caterpillars for up to 2 weeks, but normally 7 days depending on temperature - 24c/76f is ideal. When the caterpillars are ready to become chrysalides, they will climb to the top of the cup and hang upside down attaching themselves to the paper disc inside the lid. After 24 / 48 hours the chrysalis and will have a beautiful sheen of bronze and gold. When your chrysalides have formed move them into either your Butterfly Garden or Pavilion. 


The birth of the butterfly - After 7 -14 days the chrysalides will darken and you will be able to see the colours of the butterflies through the shell. As the butterfly emerges, it will rest while pumping its wings to full size. After 1 or 2 hours the wings will be full sized and hard and the butterfly is ready to fly. Now you can decorate the inside of your Pavilion or Garden with flowers, twigs & leaves. You can keep your butterflies  for 2 - 3 days feeding them sugar solution (sugar and water) or fruit before releasing them in your garden. These kits are designed to be re-useable, so when you are ready to have another go, just order a Caterpillar Refill.




"I would like to say a big thank you for the butterfly garden. My son loved it and i was also amazed by it. Today we let our butterflies out into the garden and was sad to see them go ha ha. I was also very very lucky enough to catch the butterfly coming out of the chrysalides. We will be getting more." Tessa


"Dear All I just wanted to thank you for the lovely butterfly kit that my son's school are enjoying on a daily basis.  Although it is still early  days they are hugely excited about the prospect of seeing the caterpillars turning into butterflies. It is a wonderful tool in teaching children about how amazing nature can be!" Kind regards Fianna English


"Hi there Jon, my daughter was delighted with her butterfly garden and released them yesterday. Absolutely love the website, it's fantastic!I have recommended it to all our friends & family. We will all be regular customers now.  The children are even saving their pocket money to purchase things they have seen on the site!" Sarah by email


"Thank you so much for ensuring the Butterfly Pavilion was delivered in such a short time after ordering. It is very gratifying to find such superb service." Many thanks Anne Joyce

"So pleased yesterday, and taken by surprise, when all 10 chrysalises turned into beautiful painted lady butterflies: one minute the pavilion was peaceful and next minute all a flutter as though they all ‘hatched’ at precisely the same moment. We fed them as advised and this morning, as it was sunny, released them beneath a buddleia in our garden where some settled and others stretched their wings. We’ll certainly re-order more caterpillars. The process was amazing and the butterflies beautiful, we felt as if we’d done something magical and useful. Thanks again, we can certainly recommend the experience." Tony and Sue

Ladybird Breeding Kit

Ladybird Breeding kit with a VOUCHER£24.95Add Ladybird Breeding kit with a VOUCHER      
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Ladybird Kit Refill - 25 lbird larvae and food - available again in 2018

Ladybird Breeding Kit - This kit contains everything you need to breed your own ladybirds (Adalia Bipunctata), which can then be released into your garden. Ladybirds are one of the best known beneficial insects and are a welcome sight in the garden helping to control a range of pests including aphids, so why not have a go and breed your own. Ideal for children, schools or a unique gift. The Ladybird Larvae and Food are available between Feb and September. These kits are designed to be re-useable, so when you are ready to have another go, just order a Ladybird Kit Refill.

Ladybird Breeding Kit - Study all the stages of ladybird development - see the larvae feed, then pupate and the ladybirds develop before releasing them into your garden to tackle your pest problems. The kit is easy and fun for green gardeners of all ages. The Ladybird Breeding Kit comes complete with clear plastic breeding chamber (12cm in diameter), an educational poster, instruction guide and EITHER 25 x Ladybird Larvae and food (available March to Sept) OR a VOUCHER for the 1st lot of ladybird larvae and food, which can be redeemed next year, so it is ideal as a gift.


How does it work? When you are ready to begin, redeem the VOUCHER and within 7-10 days you will receive 25 ladybird larvae, food & instructions. Transfer the larvae to the breeding chamber and add the food. It takes 3-4 weeks to raise adult ladybirds from larvae. The larvae will feed, grow and shed their skins 3 times before pupating. After a further 6 to 8 days, the adults emerge. At first the adults are yellow, but within a few hours their rear wings harden and turn red. The adult ladybirds can be studied for a few days before releasing them into your garden to tackle your insect pests.


N.B. The ladybird kit is designed to be re-useable. You can re-order ladybird larvae anytime between March and September and reuse the kit.

Ladybird Houses & Accessories

Ladybird House£14.99Add Ladybird House      
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Ladybird House and 2 sachets of Ladybird attractant and food SAVE £2.00£19.49Add Ladybird House and 2 sachets of Ladybird attractant and food SAVE £2.00      
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Ladybird Barn£15.50Add Ladybird Barn      
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Ladybird Barn and VOUCHER for 25 x Adult Ladybirds£28.99Add Ladybird Barn and VOUCHER for 25 x Adult Ladybirds      
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Ladybird Palace£9.99Add Ladybird Palace      
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Ladybird attractant and food - 2 sachets£6.50Add Ladybird attractant and food - 2 sachets      
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Ladybird Field Guide£6.95Add Ladybird Field Guide      
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Ladybird Houses - Our range of ladybird houses are designed to simulate the natural habitat sought by ladybirds for hibernation helping more of these beneficial insects survive the winter. 


Ladybird House - This attractive, hand-crafted, wooden habitat for ladybirds and other beneficial insects has a central chamber filled with natural material, which provides a cosy place for them to bed down. Holes are drilled in an upward angle, so the ladybirds can reach this insulated and safe inner chamber. If necessary the roof panel may be removed for inspection or cleaning. Position next to aphid infected plants, in a sheltered, warm spot away from prevailing winds in flower beds, rose or shrub borders or even in a planter on a terrace. Dimensions 30cm high x 15cm x 15cm.


Ladybird Barn - This new ladybird house is our 1st house to feature a hinged lid, which allows easy access to the central chamber, which means it is ideal for releasing our live ladybirds into i.e. tip ladybirds in when the are available. Featuring a central chamber, drilled holes and hollow canes, it will provide shelter for ladybirds PLUS lacewings, bees and even butterflies may use it as well. This new ladybird barn is made of a split log with a opening lid, which opens into a central chamber - this is then filled with bedding material i.e. bark, straw, shredded paper or dried flower stems. The hinged lid means that next year, if you want, you can add your own ladybirds i.e. order adult ladybirds, lift the lid, tip them in & then watch as they spread out to tackle the pest problems in your garden. Made from FSC timber from sustainable sources, the thick log walls provide a well-insulated & cosy home for ladybirds & other beneficial insects. The Ladybird Barn also has drilled holes in the base & sides PLUS hollow canes in the base for solitary bees such as Mason Bees or Leafcutter bees. The Ladybird Barn is designed to be wall-mounted, so position on a wall, tree or fence amongst climbing plants, which are affected by aphids. Height 23cm x Width 14cm x Depth 12cm.


Ideal Gift- Buy a Ladybird Barn with a VOUCHER for 25 x Adult Ladybirds and save £2.26. The Ladybird Barn and VOUCHER will be sent ASAP and then the Ladybirds can be requested for delivery anytime between April and August. £28.99 saving £2.26 


New - Ladybird Palace - This small, wall-mountable Ladybird Palace not only looks great, but it is also an effective habitat for ladybirds, lacewings, solitary bees and other beneficial insects and would make an ideal gift / stocking filler. It is designed to be wall mounted (fix to a wall, fence, tree or stake) although it can be stood on its base in amougst flowers - position next to plants, which normally get aphids i.e. roses, honeysuckle, beans etc in a sheltered, warm spot away from prevailing winds. The main log has a hollow centre, which provides safe refuge for beneficial insects etc - it is accessed via holes, which are drilled at an upward angle to prevent rain entering keeping the central chamber area dry. Holes have also been drilled in the base to allow solitary bees to nest in - perfect for solitary mason or leaf-cutter bees. Supplied in a box with siting instructions. Dimensions 25cm high x 10cm wide x 10cm deep.


"I received my ladybird house today and I am very impressed. It is so well made and attractive the best one I have seen. Thanks again for a lovely product." by email


We had a very cold night over the weekend and I was pleased to see my first ladybirds using the ladybird house in the garden." Terry by email. 

"After putting your ladybird house in the garden I've had loads of ladybirds and very little trouble with aphids" Mr. A from Bath


"Hi there, I have just bought your ladybird house and adult ladybird package. They are feasting on my aphid infestation which is great - they're almost all gone!" Maxine by email. 



Ladybird attractant and food - Mix the powder with a drop of water and use in the garden or in one of our ladybird houses. This encourages ladybirds to stay in your garden giving you free pest control. Use from early spring onwards.


"I ordered some ladybirds and food attractant and I am very impressed!!! The ladybirds went straight for the attractant that I put on some plants and on their house. It was really interesting to watch and I just wanted to say thank you for the speedy service and fantastic products. Thanks again." Tania D by email.

Ladybird Field Guide
- Did you know there are 26 species of ladybirds in this country? This attractive laminated field guide has pictures and descriptions of them all to help you identify the ones in your garden.

Butterfly House & Accessories

Butterfly House and Feeder - Currently unavailable
Butterfly Food and attractant - 2 sachets£6.75Add Butterfly Food and attractant - 2 sachets      
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Butterfly Field Guide£6.95Add Butterfly Field Guide      
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Butterfly Seed Mixture - 3sqm£9.99Add Butterfly Seed Mixture - 3sqm      
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Butterfly Seed Mixture - 10sqm£16.50Add Butterfly Seed Mixture - 10sqm      
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Butterfly House and Feeder - Many species of butterflies are becoming rare due to habitat loss. By providing them with food and shelter you can help stop their decline. This new attractive Butterfly House and Feeder is made from solid FSC timber and can be used as a feeder in the summer and then as a house in the winter. Currently unavailable


Butterfly House and Feeder - In the winter fold the tray up to create a cosy over-wintering home for non-migratory butterflies. Fill the inside with dry bark, straw, dry leaves or shredded paper to create a warm, sheltered home for the winter, which butterflies and also ladybirds and lacewings will use.In the summer fold down the front feeder tray and use it to offer butterfly food and sweet ripe fruit to your butterflies.  Butterflies will use these tray for feeding and be attracted to the house. Simply position in a warm sheltered spot in the morning sun to help to replace lost butterfly breeding sites. Butterflies will use the house for roosting. Small tortoiseshell, peacock and comma butterflies can use the house for hibernating. Silver winged fritillary may also use the house for breeding, laying eggs in the box and chrysalis could form on the roof. H 24cm x W 24cm x D 18cm


Butterfly Food and attractant - A unique blend of foods and vitamins suitable for feeding butterflies and moths. Also contains an attractant based on a natural plant extract. Use to attract butterflies to the butterfly house. Use from spring onwards - simply mix 1 rounded teaspoon with water until fully dissolved and pour the mixture into the pots around the butterfly house feeding tray.


Butterfly Field Guide - This attractive laminated field guide will help you identify the many kinds of butterfly you find in your garden.


Butterfly, Bee and Bug Seed Mixture - This seed mixture contain seeds from UK native wild flowers that have been specially chosen as they have been shown to attract butterflies, bees and bugs. Flowers attract insects by providing them with TWO rich sources of food - nectar and pollen. As well as the seeds of popular UK wild flowers like poppy, oxeye, daisy, corn flower and more, this seed mix also contains a soil conditioner and mycorrhizal fungi designed to maximise the chances of good germination and strong early growth. To keep your mini wild flower meadow flowering year after year, simply cut the flowers back after they have stopped flowering by mowing on a high setting. The butterfly seeds arrive ready to sow in 3m2 or 10m2 pouches and can be sown in the spring or autumn.


"I ordered your wildflowers earlier in the year. I wanted to let you know that they are a pure delight and full of different bees, bumblebees, butterflies, hoverflies and caterpillars. Plus other insects and beetles. Thank you." Best wishes Annie S by email