"I have ordered online from you three times now, having read about you in The Times. On each occasion, my order has been delivered in the shortest possible time. Moreover, your products have worked! I'm now starting to sow seeds again, knowing that you'll provide me with ways to protect my young plants. If your products are that good with all-conquering slugs, I'm happy to trust that they'll work with other pests and diseases, and will be ordering regularly throughout the gardening year. Thank you. I will certainly be back."

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Urban composters - These small and easy to use composters use a mixture of bacteria, fungi and yeasts to safely compost your kitchen food scraps in your kitchen, which will encourage you to keep composting. These composters will turn your kitchen scraps & leftovers including meat, fish, fruit & vegetable waste into liquid feed & nutrient-rich fertiliser for your garden. Composting kitchen waste is becoming more important, especially with rubbish bins being emptied less often (some being left for 2 weeks). Composting is the best way to deal with organic waste, as it returns valuable organic matter to the soil in the form of easy to handle compost.


N.B. Bokashi Bin users should now use the Accelerator spray instead of Bokashi Bran. This Accelerator Spray is much easier to use, lasts longer and is easier to store.

The Urban Composter

Urban Composter with BLACK LID and 1 x Accelerator Spray saving £19.96
Accelerator Spray - 500ml for use with Urban Composter or Bokashi Bins

Special Offer - The Urban Composter – This is the quick and easy way to deal with your kitchen scraps and leftovers. It turns your unwanted peels, off-cuts and leftovers into liquid feed and a nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden. The Urban Composter uses an Accelerator SPRAY rather than Bokashi Bran used in “bran” based systems.

Special Offer - An Urban Composter is available NOW with black lids for only £29.99 saving £19.96. 


Special Offer - The Urban Composter The Urban Composter doesn’t just hold your kitchen scraps en-route to the compost heap, but actually starts the composting process right in your kitchen without any bad smells. The Urban Composter is attractive enough to have on show in your kitchen or utility room, which will encourage and remind you to keep composting.Each Urban Composter has a large 15 litre capacity, a tight fitting lid (so there is no smell, spills or flies) and 500ml of Accelerator Spray included.


The Urban Composter – On a daily basis (or when you have scraps), just lift the lid, add your scraps (even meat or fish) and spray with the Compost Accelerator included and the fermenting process begins. After a few days, the scraps start fermenting and liquids are released. This liquid is saturated in good bacteria and nutrients and should be drained off every few days, as an excellent 100% organic fertilizer for plants or it can be flushed down drains to clear pipes and stop nasty odours PLUS it promotes a healthy septic system. When the bucket is full, simply drain any remaining liquid and either compost the contents further in a compost heap or wormery, or dig it into the garden.  

  • Add Food Scraps - All types of food scraps can be composted including meat, fish, veg, fruit, dairy, coffee, wilted flowers. Cut the scraps into small pieces and place into the Urban Composter on a regular basis.
  • Spray with Accelerator - The Compost Accelerator spray is fermented fruit extract that contains effective microbes that start to break down the kitchen scraps and should be sprayed on each time you add scraps. The composting process is anaerobic which means that the food scraps don’t rot or smell while breaking down.
  • Drain any liquid – Using the tap ion the front, any liquid should be drained off every few days. Dilute it 1:100 with water and use it as an excellent 100% organic fertiliser or flush it down drains to keep the pipes or septic tank healthy.
  • Dig the compost into the garden - Once the bucket is full and all the liquid drained, the contents can be composted further by digging it into the garden or adding it to a compost heap or wormery.

Urban Composter Accelerator Spray – This handy spray is much easier to use than “bran” based systems. The Compost Accelerator spray contains effective microbes and is made from fermented fruit extract that breaks down kitchen waste without smelling. Simply spray over the kitchen waste each time you add it. Available as a 500ml RTU spray, which should last up to 3 months.

N.B. Bokashi Bin users can use the Accelerator spray instead of Bokashi Bran, which is much easier to use, lasts longer and is easier to store - see below.