"I have ordered online from you three times now, having read about you in The Times. On each occasion, my order has been delivered in the shortest possible time. Moreover, your products have worked! I'm now starting to sow seeds again, knowing that you'll provide me with ways to protect my young plants. If your products are that good with all-conquering slugs, I'm happy to trust that they'll work with other pests and diseases, and will be ordering regularly throughout the gardening year. Thank you. I will certainly be back."

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Green Gardener - the natural way to keep your garden looking good
Horticultural Fabrics, sprayers and accessories.


  • Sprayers - A range of sprayers suitable for applying natural sprays or nematodes.
  • Garden Accessories - A soil thermometer is invaluable to the green gardener as many of our controls need a minimum temperature. Likewise, knowing the pH of your lawn, wormery or soil is very useful, so we offer a battery free pH meter.
  • Barrier Glues, Bands and Hanging Glue Traps - Use to protect pots, fruit trees and greenhouse plants i.e. tomatoes from pests i.e. vine weevil, moths, ants and whitefly.
  • New - Red Spider Mite Wax Traps - These Red Spider Mite Wax Traps are the simple and effective way of trapping / monitoring adult red spider mites.
  • New - Box Tree Moth Traps and the new Adult Chafer Traps - These traps use a pheromone lure to attract and trap either Adult Chafer Beetles or Box Tree Moths.

Barrier Glues, Bands and Hanging Glue Traps

Barrier Glue£11.50Add Barrier Glue      
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Glue Bands - 3.5m£9.50Add Glue Bands - 3.5m      
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Glue Traps - Pack of 10£7.50Add Glue Traps - Pack of 10      
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Glue Traps - Pack of 30 SAVING £5.00£17.50Add Glue Traps - Pack of 30 SAVING £5.00      
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Barrier Glue, Glue Bands, Glue Traps and Glue Trap Protectors - Sticky barrier glue / glue traps are one of the best ways to stop insect pests and are a great way to monitor crops to see when pests start to become a problem i.e. hang Glue Traps above your tomatoes and check regularily for whitefly.


Barrier Glue - Protects trees and plants from crawling insects including ants by applying barrier glue around stems of plants or the trunks of trees. It can be applied around pots, table legs etc where it forms a barrier crawling insects cannot cross. It should be re-applied as necessary. It is ideal for protecting pots from vine weevil.  Use on trunks of trees to stop ants. Ants crawl up to 'milk' aphids for the honeydew that they produce and then protect the aphids from natural predators such as ladybirds and lacewing larvae. By stopping the ants you increase the effectiveness on these natural predators. Supplied as a twin pack with handy dispenser.


Economy Glue Bands - Protect your apple and other fruit trees from winter moth with these bands coated in non-toxic, non-drying glue which forms an effective barrier against crawling insects. Most insects will not try to cross the band and those that do will be caught. The green waterproof paper is not attractive to beneficial insects. The Glue Bands are supplied in a LARGE 3.5m roll with string, so cut off the required length, place the band around the tree trunk, below the lowest branch and ideally 60-90cm (2-3 feet) above the ground. Protects apples and other fruit trees against winter moth but can also be used to protect plants from ants, vine weevil and earwigs.

Glue Traps - Hanging glue traps are used to monitor and control whitefly. Hang them up in early spring and check regularily for whitefly - you will often spot whitefly stuck on the traps BEFORE you spot them on plants. Sticky glue traps should be placed adjacent to the growing point of the plant. For plants such as tomatoes, hang the traps from the glazing bars with string and then raise them up as the plant grows. This way, the traps can be left in position after Encarsia (the natural control for whitefly) have been introduced. Encarsia tend congregate in the lower leaves, so the traps will only catch whitefly which fly to the top of the plant to lay their eggs. Whitefly are attracted by the bright colour and become stuck to the trap. Traps should be replaced as they become dirty. Available in packs of 10 or 30.

Red Spider Mite Wax Traps

Red Spider Mite Wax Traps - Pack of 5 traps - available in Feb
Red Spider Mite Wax Traps - 20 traps saving £5.00 - available in Feb
Red Spider Mite Wax Traps - 50 traps saving £20.00 - available in Feb

New - Red Spider Mite Wax Traps - These Red Spider Mite Wax Traps are the simple and effective way of trapping / monitoring adult red spider mites. It works on the very simple basis that red spider mites always climb upwards searching for food and this trap uses this behaviour to lure the mites onto a very sticky waxed pad suspended above the plant with a string trailing down into the top of the plant. They are ideal for :-

  1. Control red spider mite throughout the year i.e. including early / late in the season when temperatures are not warm enough for a natural predator such as Phytoseiulus or Amblyseius andersonii
  2. For monitoring crops i.e. leave the traps in place and once adults are spotted, natural predators can be introduced.
  3. Long term protection – leave these traps in place to give on-going control.

New - Red Spider Mite Wax Traps - Simply suspend the very sticky waxed pad 30cm / 12" above the plant with the string trailing down into the top of the plant and as the mites move to the top of the plant, they continue climbing up the string dangling from the trap and onto the sticky wax pad from which there is no escape! The sticky pads only need to be replaced when they are covered in red spider mites, so it is a very simple and cost effective method that works! Be careful the trap is very sticky, so suspend it in the right position before removing the protective backing and keep it away from heaters and lights. Ideal for tomatoes,  cucumbers,  oranges,  lemons and plants in hydroponic systems. Available in packs of 5 - use one trap per infected plant. Available in early Feb.


N.B. Once conditions are favourable, Phytoseiulus or Amblyseius Andersonii can be introduced to give on-going control.

Box Tree Moth Trap

Box Tree Moth Trap including 4 sachets of attractant - currently unavailable
Box Moth Trap Attractant - 5 sachets - currently unavailable

Box Tree Moth Trap - Box Tree Moth overwinters as a caterpillars, hidden between box leaves that it has spun together with silk before emerging in the Spring to mate and lay eggs. There can be up to 3 generations of moths per year, so this means moths can be present from April until September. Use this new funnel trap to trap the moths. Use them to protect your box plants if you know there are moths in the area or position then to monitor moth activity in your area. Currently unavailable

Box Tree Moth Trap - Adult Box Tree Moths has up to a 4cm wingspan and it usually white wings with a brown border around the wings, although the moths can sometimes be completely brown. This new Box Tree Moth Trap uses a pheromone lure to attract the male moths and trap them - without the males, any eggs laid will be infertile leading to a reduction in the population. Use this trap between April and September - use 1 trap per 0.5 acre (10,000 sqm) and position them close to where the box plants are growing and hung at a height of 1.5 -2m above the ground.


Box Tree Moth Trap - Each trap is supplied with 4 sachets of lure and a new sachet of lure should be used  every 5 weeks i.e. we supply each trap with sufficient lure for 20 weeks. The pheromone lure comes in a capsule, which is simply placed into the cage in the top of the trap. 5cm of water is then added to the trap and then as the moths are attracted by the lure they are caught in the funnel trap and are unable to escape. The trap should be emptied weekly. The pheromone lure is specific to the box tree moth, so other species will not be attracted.

Adult Chafer Beetle Trap

Adult Chafer Beetle Trap with 1st years attractant included£24.99Add Adult Chafer Beetle Trap with 1st years attractant included      
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Replacement lure for 1 season - lure ONLY£8.99Add Replacement lure for 1 season - lure ONLY      
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NEW - Adult Chafer Beetle Trap - This new trap uses a powerful pheromone to attact and trap adult chafer beetles, so it is ideal for protecting your lawn from this destructive lawn pest by catching the beetles BEFORE they lay their eggs or for monitoring if chafer grubs are attacking your lawn. The trap should be positioned in mid May and if large numbers of adults are caught then treat your lawn with Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer in August/Sept.


N.B. There are species of chafer grubs i.e. Welsh and Summer Chafer, which are less susceptible to the nematodes, so this trap is a great way of controlling these chafer beetles in the short term, while the nematodes get working.


NEW - Adult Chafer Beetle Trap - Each trap is supplied with enough pheromone lure for an entire season - this pheromone lure attracts the adult beetles, which fly into the top before dropping into the funnel trap below. The trap should be placed 50-100cm above the lawn in mid May (until mid June) and each trap will protect up to 2000 sqm of lawn. Place the attractant into the top of the trap (the first years attractant is included) and hang it from a garden cane in the middle of the lawn. The trap will protect your lawn from small numbers of chafer beetles (catching them BEFORE they have chance to lay their eggs in the lawn) but if large numbers are caught, then treat with Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer in August/Sept when the eggs hatch and the grubs start attacking the lawn.


Solo Sprayer - 2 litre capacity£24.50Add Solo Sprayer - 2 litre capacity      
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Special Offer - Buy a Solo Sprayer and 250ml of Sb Invigorator Conc saving £3.50£34.50Add Special Offer - Buy a Solo Sprayer and 250ml of Sb Invigorator Conc saving £3.50      
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Special Offer - Buy 250g of Sulphur Rose and a Solo Sprayer saving £5.00£34.25Add Special Offer - Buy 250g of Sulphur Rose and a Solo Sprayer saving £5.00      
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Special Offer - Buy 1kg of Sulphur Rose and a Solo Sprayer .saving £9.00£54.00Add Special Offer - Buy 1kg of Sulphur Rose and a Solo Sprayer .saving £9.00      
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5 Litre Rechargeable Sprayer complete with battery and charger£39.99Add 5 Litre Rechargeable Sprayer complete with battery and charger      
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Sprayers - These sprayer are both ideal for applying natural sprays such as winter wash, garlic wonder and sulphur rose. They can also be used to apply Biodegradable Weed Killer and for applying nematodes (Nemasys F&V) for control caterpillars or codling moth. The larger rechargeable, battery powered sprayer is ideal for larger jobs including applying Nemays Chafer Grub / Leatherjacket Killer to larger lawns.

Solo Sprayer - This unique 2 litre sprayer has an adjustable nozzle allowing you to direct the spray exactly where required, so it is ideal for applying natural sprays. The Solo Sprayer features a trigger lock for continuous spraying, a large curved pumping handle for ease of use and a large opening for easy to filling. It also has an automatic pressure relief valve for safety. Aim the sprayer directly at insect pests or when applying fungicides such as sulphur rose or our new mildew control aim at the top of the plant and then adjust the nozzle and spray the underside of the plant covering the leaves completely. This gives maximum protection from attack by fungal diseases whilst using the minimum amount of spray.


New - 5 Litre Rechargeable Sprayer - This 5 litre sprayer features a rechargeable 6v battery, which makes it the easy way to apply nematodes, weed killer, pest control sprays & fertilisers around the garden / nursery - no more pumping to maintain pressure! 2 hours spraying after a full charge and it takes 2 hours to charge via the charger included. Comes complete with rechargeable battery, charger and shoulder strap. 5 Litre capacity, which takes 12 minutes to apply. The sprayer features a 6V min-motor powered diaphragm pump, which results in a 0.2-0.25Mpa working pressure. Shoulder strap and lance included. Ideal for applying nematodes, foliar feeds, pest control natural sprays and weedkillers.

Garden Accessories

Soil Thermometer£14.50Add Soil Thermometer      
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pH Meter£12.95Add pH Meter      
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Soil Thermometer - Nematodes for slugs, vine weevil, leatherjackets and chafer grubs are all temperature dependant, so a soil thermometer is a valuable tool for any green gardener.


Soil Thermometer - Check that the soil temperatures are correct for the application of nematode control with this robust, easy to read soil thermometer. The large dial (3cm diameter) and the design (over 10 cm long) means the thermometer can easily be read in situ. This thermometer is also very useful to check compost temperatures during seed germination and propagation.

Minimum soil temperatures recommended for nematode treatments as follows :- Nemaslug 5°C, Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer 5°C, Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer 12°C, Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer 10°C and No Ants 10°C.


Soil pH Meter - One of the most important factors affecting the growth of plants is the soil pH. Most plants require slightly acidic growing conditions with a soil pH of 6.5, whilst some like much more acidic conditions


Soil pH Meter - This simple battery, free easy to use meter will give you an instant reading helping you provide the best possible conditions for your plants/wormery. Use it in the garden to work out and adjust the pH of your soil PLUS it is ideal for use in a wormery (pictured left) to prevent acidic conditions developing (worms do not like acid conditions). The easy way to get an instant check of soil pH.