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Nemaslug Slug Killer 40 sqm for use UNDERGLASS

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Nemaslug Slug Killer 40 sqm for use UNDERGLASS
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Control slugs NATURALLY by applying Nemaslug Slug Killer, which contains natural nematodes, that are effective at controlling slugs, but unlike chemical controls, are safe for children, pets, birds and wildlife. The nematodes in Nemaslug® Slug Killer are found naturally in UK soil and have been approved for use in organic gardening by the Soil Association. Nemaslug needs a soil temperature of 5c and is a perishable product (it will keep for 2 weeks in the fridge), so it can be used UNDER-GLASS as year round i.e. in poly-tunnels / greenhouses or use OUTDOORS during the growing season i.e. March - October. Nemaslug Standard Pack treats 40sqm. Available NOW.

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Nemaslug® is the No.1 bird/wildlife friendly solution for slugs. Nemaslug® will not harm children, pets, birds and wildlife. Song birds i.e. thrushes, hedgehogs, frogs, toads and some insects i.e. ground beetles love to feed on slugs and their eggs. These predators have a significant impact on the slug population, but many of the chemicals used in slug pellets can be toxic to these predators, so if you use them, you run the risk of harming them. There are also increasing concerns about the effects of these chemicals on pets. Unlike Nemaslug®, many slug pellets do NOT work well during wet weather - exactly when you need protection against slugs. Nemaslug® also kills slugs BOTH above and below ground.

Nemaslug® contains millions of microscopic beneficial nematodesthat occur naturally in your soil. They are invisible to the naked eye and come as a powder, which is mixed with water and applied to the soil where they search out and invade the slugs. As the nematodes invade the slug, it will stop feeding and will burrow underground to die. As it decomposes in the soil, the nematodes are released back into the soil to search out more slugs and the whole process starts again. Nemaslug® works at temperatures above 5c/40f, so apply UNDERGLASS all year round or apply OUTDOORS during the growing season i.e. between March and October. Each application of Nemaslug® will control slugs for six weeks, so for a slug free garden, apply Nemaslug® every 6 weeks.

How is it sent? - Nemaslug® is a perishable, living product, so it is sent out fresh by Royal Mail 1st class post. Being a perishable, living product, it must be used before the expiry date (which is marked on the inside of the pack and will be at least 2 weeks) and it must be stored in the fridge until it is needed. Once opened, the contents do not keep, so it must be used in one day - do NOT store the made up solution or powder. 1 or 2 packs will go through your letterbox and should be popped in the fridge as soon as possible - they are fine on the doormat while you are at work. N.B. Large orders i.e. 3 or more large packs will not fit through the letterbox, so someone will need to be in to receive it.

How to apply? - Nemaslug® is easy to use. Simply mix the harmless powder with water & apply to the soil around the plant using a watering can fitted with a rose (we recommend the Haws Rose no.14) or a hose-end feeder or for larger areas use a Nematode Applicator. Use the whole pack before the expiry date, which is marked on the inside of the pack and will be at least a couple of weeks. Apply in a broad band around your plants to increase the chances of slugs coming into contact with the nematodes.

N.B. As the biggest supplier of nematodes in the UK and because we have fresh deliveries of nematodes each week, you are guaranteed the freshest stock with the longest expiry date available. Our nematodes are dispatched DAILY by 1st class post.

N.B. Need a Haws Rose, Hose-end Feeder or Nematode Applicator - Add one to your basket and save £1.00 off a Haws Rose, save £2.00 off a Hose-end Feeder or save £3.50 off a Nematode Applicator when bought with your nematodes (savings applied at the checkout).


Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

I have used Nemaslug now for a few years and can report almost complete success.
I have used Nemaslug now for a few years and can report almost complete success. As timing in the application of Nemaslug is critical I have valued their advice. When I have had problems with my lawn green gardener have be very helpful. Good people to deal with.
Review by Peter Bird / (Posted on 03/07/2019)
I have been buying Nemaslug for several years. Green Gardner have not let me down with any deliveries - usually six each year. What more can I ask?

Review by Robert Dines / (Posted on 18/03/2019)
For years I have been going back to green gardener for advice and products. The range of products has extended to cover all my needs. Their 'programme' of products eg nemislug, always arrive at the correct time.
Review by Ann Eden / (Posted on 18/03/2019)
I have used Nemaslug for a number of years and the slug population is vastly reduced. The monthly doses always come to time and I wouldn't be without them now.
Review by JC Willcox / (Posted on 18/03/2019)
Lots of lovely products that you often can't find at garden centres because a lot of large companies don't seen to be that interested in "green" products, only the big sellers. Of course Green Gardener is the place for nematodes and our quest against slugs. I have had fantastic results and Nemaslug is worth every penny!
Review by Charlotte Hill / (Posted on 18/03/2019)

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