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Customer Question - When to treat Leatherjackets?

Q. "Hi, I have a leatherjacket problem on my lawn that I need to sort so looking for advice what to get, how/when to apply etc. Rear lawn is about 55-60 sqm, I also have some out front I think which is about 15 sqm. Also I then need to repair lawn. Hoping you can guide me on how much nematode to get, best method of application and then repair with seed, feed or other?" Thanks Brian

A. Thanks for the message and it all depends how bad the infestation is? The best time to treat is in September as this is when the leatherjackets are newly hatched and close to the surface so they are the most susceptible to the nematodes, so if you can wait until then, treat both lawns in mid-September with Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer which is watered in. If you feel you need to do something now, then you can apply now but you need to apply at double strength as the leatherjackets are much harder to kill i.e. each pack treats 50 sqm so you will need 2 packs to do front and back and then you will need to apply again in late autumn i.e. end of Sept / beginning of October to clear any late developing leatherjackets. You then need to give the lawn a feed in the autumn to encourage root growth or use our Root Success to help the lawn recover. Seed or turf any badly affected areas – I am a big fan of autumn sowing of seed but most people prefer to turf as it is instant. To find out more about the various bits, use the links below :-

Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer
• If you decide to treat now as well, then we do a ASAP / Autumn Special Offer.
Root Success to help lawn recover.
Autumn Lawn Fertiliser to promote root growth - only 1 application needed.

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