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Customer Question - Lemon Tree Leaves Curling

Q. "I have a lemon tree and leaves curling. What is best pest spray for that and a general all around one? Someone told me washing up liquid and water? i'm sure you have better? I have attached a picture which I hope will help" thanks liz ellerton

A. Thanks for the message and I cannot see any specific pest but I think I can see a bit of stickiness on some of the leaves and maybe a bit of sooty mould growing? If this is the case then it is probably scale insect which loves citrus plants. It is a sap sucking insect which is hard to spot but it excretes excess sap as sticky honeydew which is normally the 1st thing you spot. SB Invigorator spray is the best spray to use as it will control the pest, clean off the honeydew and stop sooty mould re-growing – it does all 3 in one spray. Give the plants a good spray 3 times a week for 1 week and then as and when any stickiness comes back. Please CLICK HERE to find out more about Scale Insect and the SB Invigorator Spray.

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