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Customer Question - Ladybirds and Aphids on a balcony

Q. "I've recently discovered the joy of gardening on my south facing balcony. Everything is in pots containers and I've been having a lot of success but I've now got an aphid infestation on my rose and nearby pots. I've been using a mix of washing up liquid and water to try and contain them because I don't want to use harsh chemicals. Would it be possible to use ladybirds to help control these pests with a balcony garden?" Kerri Haynes

A. Thanks for the message and yes you could use Ladybird Larvae on a balcony to control aphids - you would not want to use the adults as they might just fly off. The only problem is that they are not available yet – they are available from the middle of April onwards. Washing up liquid will work to a degree but our natural spray SB Invigorator is very effective, is chemical free and ladybirds can then be introduced as soon as they available. To find out more about SB Invigorator Natural Spray CLICK HERE and to see when Ladybirds are available CLICK HERE. I hope this helps Kind regards Jon @ Green Gardener

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