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These new Bee and Beneficial Insect Houses are available NOW.

Beneficial Insect Houses - These new Beneficial Insect Houses feature different nesting areas suitable for a range of beneficial insect such as ladybirds, lacewings and solitary bees and they would make ideal gifts. Shaped as a apple or pear, these wall mountable houses not only look great, but also offer safe and appealing nesting / over-wintering sites for beneficial insects. Helping these insects to breed, feed and over-winter in your garden will help boost their numbers leading to better plant pollination and natural pest control. Shaped as apples or pears they are BOTH available NOW. Please CLICK HERE to find out more.


Modular Solitary Be Houses - These new Modular Solitary Bee Houses are shaped like honeycomb, so they can be used individually or arranged in patterns to make a piece of "wall art" that not only looks great, but also attracts solitary bees. Filled with removable bee nesting tubes, that are the right size for solitary bees, the tubes can be easily removed for annual cleaning / inspection - great for kids, so they can see what is happening. It also means you can "harvest cocoons" and re-locate them other areas of the garden or give them to friends. They come complete with the nesting tubes, are hexagonal in shape, so they can be easily fitted together and they measure 21cm across at the widest point and are 16cm deep. Please CLICK HERE to find out more.


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