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Pruning Roses and Rose Care

Pruning roses seems difficult and fills gardeners with horror, but if you follow these simply guidelines it is easy to do. Remember you are unlikely to kill a rose through bad pruning, mistakes will normally grow out quickly and it is better to have a go at pruning rather than letting roses grow rampant. The aim of pruning is to take out old and diseased wood and to encourage new flowering shoots to grow. Aim to give the plant in a good shape with an open centre - an open centre lets light in and air to circulate, which cuts down on fungal problems by allowing the breeze to flow through the plant effectively. Create an open centre by pruning the plant into a goblet shape. Late February is generally agreed to be the best time to prune, but if it has been cold then delay until new growth is just starting. When pruning :-

  1. Start by removing all dead wood, but cutting back to good healthy wood .
  2. Cut out weak shoots, shoots that are crossing and any shoots that are growing into the centre of the plant to create the "goblet" shape.
  3. Cut the remaining shoots using a sloping cut to an outward facing bud leaving shoots that are 10-15cm long.
  4. To reduce disease problems, burn the prunings (do not compost them) and spray the stems and the ground around the plant with Sulphur Rose to encourage healthy growth.

For blemish free roses the natural way apply Sulphur Rose. Roses are a gardener's favorite, but often develop yellow leaves and black blotches i.e Blackspot & Mildew, which makes the plants unsightly. Sulphur Rose is a brilliant plant tonic which is sprayed on and encourages healthy blemish-free growth. Spray Sulphur Rose throughout the year to encourage blemish free growth - Sulphur Rose MUST be applied to both the underside and top of all the leaves. Sulphur Rose - a 250g pack keeps 20 roses healthy for one season. :-

  1. Spray your plants during the dormant season, spraying the stems and the ground around the roses.
  2. Apply regularly through the growing season. During periods of high humidity and above average temperatures, spray every 14 days because these conditions encourage the spread of diseases.


This Organic Liquid Rose Feed contains everything your roses need to keep them looking at their best naturally - a must for every rose grower. This organic feed contains nitrogen, phosphate and potash (3.1.5) in exactly the right quantities to keep your roses healthy and blooming. It also has trace elements that all plants need in small quantities - making this the complete rose feed. Being a liquid, the feed is instantly available to your roses and a 1 litre bottle will make up to 200 litres of feed so it’s great value for money. It can be used to feed roses indoors, in patio pots and of course roses growing in the garden. Apply every 2-4 weeks during the growing season.

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