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Preparing your greenhouse for the winter

As temperatures drop it is time to clean the greenhouse, so it is ready when you move plants undercover for the winter. It is important to remove bacterial and fungal diseases AND to kill any pests, which have thrived during the summer i.e. red spider mite, whitefly and aphids. Use Citrox (our natural disinfectant) and Garlic Greenhouse Candles to prepare your greenhouse ready for the winter.

Citrox Disinfectant - It is important to clean your greenhouse to remove dirt, algae & moss from the glass to let as much light in as possible PLUS don't forget to disinfectant the inside to control pests & diseases. Use Citrox natural disinfectant to remove any bacterial / fungal diseases i.e. Mildew, Botrytis (grey mould) & Blight from your greenhouse, pots and seed trays. This powerful natural disinfectant contains extracts of citrus fruit, which will not harm plants, so they do not need to be removed while using it. Use Citrox to clean and disinfect your greenhouse i.e. use it to clean the glass, plastic, concrete and brickwork, PLUS you can use it to soak your plant pots and trays, so they are disease free.

Garlic Greenhouse Candles - It is important to fumigate / clean a greenhouse to clear out any pests that have flourished during the summer before you move plants in for the winter. Clear your greenhouse of these unwanted pests by fumigating with a Garlic Greenhouse Candle NOW. Garlic Greenhouse Candles are used in the same way as a sulphur candle i.e. place it in your greenhouse, light the fuse & leave overnight HOWEVER, unlike sulphur candles you do NOT need to remove the plants before using the Garlic Candle and they are safe to use in aluminium greenhouses and polytunnels. Garlic Greenhouse Candles do not leave any smell or visible deposits in the greenhouse & they will not taint fruit / veg. Each Garlic Greenhouse Candle will treat approx 20 cubic metres - equivalent to a 3m/11ft x 2m/7ft greehouse. How do I use them :-

  1. Water all the plants in the greenhouse in the morning.
  2. Ensure that all doors, windows etc of the greenhouse are firmly closed.
  3. Place the Garlic Smoke on a brick or in a metal container in the middle of the greenhouse and light the paper wick.
  4. Close the door and leave overnight.
  5. After at least 12 hours, open the greenhouse and ventilate well.


To find out more about Citrox and Garlic Greenhouse Candles, CLICK HERE

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