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Ladybird Larvae - available NOW
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Ladybird Larvae have a huge appetite for soft-bodied pests such as aphids, so release ladybird larvae onto your pest infected plants to clear pest problems. We supply native British Ladybird Larvae in packs of 50 with food included ready for release in your garden or for use under-glass. Green Gardener only supplies British Adalia bipunctata ladybirds - we do NOT supply Harlequin ladybirds. The ladybirds are sent by 1st class post with food included. Available NOW in packs of 50 ready for release in the garden. Available NOW.

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Ladybirds are the best known beneficial insect and a welcome sight in the garden, where they happily munch away on greenfly and other tasty pests. By releasing ladybirds (adults and / or larvae) in your garden you can boost their numbers, which will lead to a permanent decrease in the number of pests in your garden i.e. aphids. Ladybird Larvae can also be used for clearing heavy infestations of aphids in greenhouses / conservatories. Each ladybird will eat about 5000 aphids and will soon produce ladybird larvae which in turn also eat aphids. Ladybirds are available between late April and August.

Ladybird Larvae - Each ladybird larvae will eat a large number of pests before pupating and emerging as a ladybird ready to breed and produce the next generation of ladybirds. As they are supplied as larvae, they are ideal for releasing directly onto plants heavily infected with aphids - as they they are unable to fly and will stay where you put them. Supplied in trays of approximately 50, they are sent by 1st class post ready for release directly into your garden / greenhouse or conservatory. N.B. Ladybird Larvae are available between late April and August each year, so they are available NOW.

Special Offer - Add 25 x Adult Ladybirds to your order and save £1.99

"I want to leave feedback for the ladybirds I received today for our granddaughter's greenhouse. (But I cannot find a link to) We are over the moon with them they were very healthy and are eating the pests quickly. We have put a couple of ladybird houses in there so that when it gets warm enough we can move some onto our outside plants. Thank you so much I will definitely be repeating this exercise next year." Jill and Indi (Aberdeen) by email


Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Ladybird Larvae
I ordered some ladybirds and larva,they arrived in good condition,and worked well. Also liked the bug hotel.

Review by John Manning / (Posted on 14/08/2018)
Ladybird Larvae
Ladybirds and larvae arrived quickly and were soon munching away on the black flies that had started to appear all over my beans.

Review by Samantha Carter / (Posted on 14/08/2018)
Ladybird Larvae
This year I had an early infestation of blackfly on my runner beans. The ladybird larvae were very effective and soon cleaned up the plants. Now I have an excellent crop of beans. A few years ago I had a similar problem and the ladybirds again worked their magic. This method certainly works. I have also had success with the lacewing larvae.
Review by Peter Palmer / (Posted on 13/08/2018)

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