Adult Chafer Beetle Trap
Adult Chafer Beetle Trap
Amblyseius for Red Spider Mite Control
Ant Control - Nemasys No Ants
Ant Control on hard surfaces
Aphid Control
Aphid Emergency Pest Pack
Bacterial Additives for House
Bacterial Additives for Ponds
Bacterial Compost Accelerator
Barley Straw Throwers & Bales for Ponds
Barrier Glues, Bands and Hanging Glue Traps
Beepol Bumblebees & Villa
Biodegradable Weedkiller
Bokashi Bran
Box Tree Caterpillars
Box Tree Moth Trap
Box Tree Moth Trap
Breeding Kits to the Republic of Ireland
Bumble Bee Houses
Butterfly and Ladybird Breeding kits
Butterfly Breeding Kits
Butterfly House & Accessories
Butterfly House & Accessories
Camera Bird Boxes
Camera Box Accessories
CastClear Worm Cast Suppressant
Cat and Dog Repellents
Caterpillars inc Box Tree Caterpillars
Caterpillars, Box Tree, Coldling Moth & Sawfly
Citrox Natural Disinfectant
Citrus Mite Control
Clearway Algae and Mould Cleaner
Codling, Plum and Winter Moth Traps
Coir Pellets and Coir Pots
Coir Pots and Coir Pellets
Composter Bins
Composting Bacteria
Composting Grass Cuttings
Composting Leaves
Composting Worms
Conifer Mite Control
Control Ants in lawns
Copper Bands
Copper Rings
Copper Slug and Snail Tapes
Diatomaceous Earth Natural Ant Powder
Dried Mealworms
Eco Water Treatmets
Ecopond Pond Treatments
Educational Accessories
Educational Butterfly Kits
Educational Ladybird Kit
Garden Accessories
Garlic Greenhouse Candles
Get it Green Spray
Gift Ideas over £50.00
Gift Ideas under £20.00
Gift Ideas under £30.00
Gift Ideas under £50.00
Gift Vouchers
Grazers Caterpillar Spray
Grazers repels Rabbits, Deer, Pigeons and Geese
Greenhouse Pest Control
Handheld Lawn Fertiliser Spreader
Hanging Flowers Bags and planting accessories
Hanging Flytraps and BIG Fly Bucket
Hedgehog Houses
Jute Leaf Sacks
Lacewing Larvae for Aphid clearup
Lacewing larvae for controlling aphids
Lacewing Larvae for the garden
Ladybird and Wildlife Houses
Ladybird Breeding Kit
Ladybird Breeding Kit
Ladybird Breeding Kit
Ladybird Houses & Accessories
Ladybird Houses and Accessories
Ladybird Larvae for use UNDERGLASS
Ladybird Larvae for use UNDERGLASS
Ladybird Larvae in Bags for aphids in trees
Ladybird Larvae in Bags for release in trees
Ladybirds for controlling aphids
Ladybirds for release in the garden
Lawn Flea Control Nematodes
Lawn Pest Pack
Lawn Pest Pack
Lawn Repair
Lily and Viburnum Beetle Spray
Live Webcam
Mealworms - Live Birdfood
Mealy Bug Control
Mealy Bug Emergency Pest Pack
Mole Control
Mole control on lawns
Mouse and Rat Control
Natural Sprays and Garlic Candles
Natural Sprays and Greenhouse Fuming
Natural Tree Sprays and Glue Bands
Nemaslug as a gift
Nemaslug Autumn Treatment
Nemaslug Slug Killer
Nemaslug® Planned Programmes
Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer
Nemasys Fruit and Veg Programmes
Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection
Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer
Nemasys No Ants to control ants
Nemasys Programmes
Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer
Nematode Application Methods
Nematode Controls to the Republic of Ireland
Nematop Adult Vine Weevil Trap
New Prism Flyctacher
Odd Box Camera Bird Box
Organic Lawn Fertiliser
Organic Lawn Fertliser
Organic Liquid Feeds
Organic Moss Control
Phytoseiulus for Red Spider Mite Control
Plant Fibre Pots and Trays
Planting Biscuits with Mycorrhizal Fungi
PM Mildew and Botrytis Spray
Red Band Spider Mite Traps™
Red Spider Mite Wax Traps
Repel Cats, Dogs, Badgers, Rabbits, Foxes and Deer
Repel pests naturally
Repellers to the Republic of Ireland
Repelling Birds
Repelling Foxes, Badgers & Deer
RSM Emergency Pest Pack
SALE - Coir Pellets and Pots
SALE - Eyeball Bird Scarer
SALE - Jute Leaf Sacks
SALE - Ladybird Palace
SALE - Mole Repellent Granules
SALE - Slug Gone Wool Pellets
SB Invigorator Natural Spray
SB Invigorator Spray
Scale Emergency Pack
Scale Emergency Pest Pack
Scale Insect Control
Scale Insect Outdoors
Sciarid Fly and Thrip Control
Slug and Snail Products to the Rep of Ireland
Slug and Snail Traps
Slug and Snails Barriers and Traps
Slug Collars / Hosta Halos
Slug Gone Wool Pellets
Slug Gone Wool Pellets
Slug Guard Slug and Snail Barrier
Slug/Cabbage Fly Collars and Shocka Mats/Rolls
Soil Block Maker
Solar Irrigation System
Solar Party Lights
Solar Utlilty Light
Solitary Bee Houses
Specialist Hand Weeders
Sprayers for natural sprays
Sprayers for natural sprays
Stocking Filler Idea - Bee Mug
Stocking Filler Idea - Ladybird Palace
Stocking Filler Idea - Wildflower Seed Mixture
Straw Mulch for Blight / Mildew
Straw Mulch Pellets for Blight
Sulphur Rose for healthy roses
Sulphur Veg for healthy Vegetables
Sulpur Soil Soil Conditioner
Tadpole Food
The Urban Composter
The Waspbane wasp trap
The Waspinator
TopBuxus Box Tree Health Mix
Treating Box Blight with Topbuxus
Vaminoc Mycorrhizal Fungi
Vintage GrowBags
Water Butts and accessories
Water Slices for Hanging Baskets and Containers
Weed Stop Discs / Strawberry Mulch Mats
Weed Stop Discs and Strawberry Mats
Whitefly Control
Whitefly Emergency Pest Pack
Wildlife Gift Boxes
Wireless Camera Birdboxes
Wireworm Nematode Control
Wooden Modular Composters
Wooden Raised Beds
Woodlice and Earwig Control
Wormcity Wormery
Wormery Accessories
Wormery Rescue Kit or Care Pack
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