"I have ordered online from you three times now, having read about you in The Times. On each occasion, my order has been delivered in the shortest possible time. Moreover, your products have worked! I'm now starting to sow seeds again, knowing that you'll provide me with ways to protect my young plants. If your products are that good with all-conquering slugs, I'm happy to trust that they'll work with other pests and diseases, and will be ordering regularly throughout the gardening year. Thank you. I will certainly be back."

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January Sale -  With many products reduced, so stock up on essentials for the coming season :-
  • SALE - Planting Biscuits containing Mycorrhizal Fungi NOW 1/2 price. 
  • SALE - Boost Organic Treatments NOW 1/2 price.
  • SALE - ShooAway Fly Repeller normally £24.99 NOW £14.99 SAVING £10.00
  • SALE - Mozzie Vac normally £24.99 NOW £14.99 SAVING £10.00
  • SALE - Eyeball Bird Scarer normally £9.99 NOW £4.99 SAVING £5.00
  • SALE - Solar Moler normally £19.95 NOW £14.99 saving £4.96
  • SALE - Wildlife Seed Shakers and Mats NOW 1/2 price.

SALE - Wildlife Seeds / Mats

Ladybird Seed Mixture - 7m2 pack normally £12.99 SAVE £6.50
Butterfly Seed Mixture - 7m2 pack normally £12.99 SAVE £6.50
Bee Seed Mat - 2m x 50cm normally £12.50 SAVE £6.25

SALE - Wildlife Seed Mixtures - Choose between 2 seed mixtures for attracting ladybirds, and / or butterflies. These seeds arrive ready to sow in 7m2 boxes and can be sown anytime between March and June. These seed mixtures will flower over a 2 year period - to keep your floral meadow flowering at its best, after the 1st years flowering, cut the flowers back to 10cm high and then remove the green waste after 10 days.


SALE - Ladybird Seed Mixture - This seed mixture contain seeds from a variety of flowers that have been chosen as they have been shown to attract ladybirds. The mixture includes 28 species including Borago Officinalis, Centaurea, Anthemis and Echium and others appreciated by ladybirds. normally £12.99 NOW £6.50 SAVING £6.50


SALE - Butterfly Seed Mixture - This seed mixture contain seeds from a variety of flowers that have been chosen as they have been shown to attract butterflies. The mixture includes 23 annual and perennial flowers, including anethum, trifolium, agrostemma and onobrychis and others appreciated by butterflies. normally £12.99 NOW £6.50 SAVING £6.50



SALE - Bee Seed Mats – These seed mats are the easy way to introduce wildflowers into your garden. These ready seeded biodegradable mats contain mixed flower seeds that have been carefully selected to attact butterflies PLUS they control weeds too. These seed mats are made up of two layers of tissue paper with flower seeds between them.  When laid onto prepared soil and covered with a thin layer of sand, clean soil or compost these mats will suppress weeds, while encouraging the germination of flower seeds. Each seed mat measures 2m x 50cm and you can lay these seedmats in the spring and summer. Each mat contains mixed flower seeds (annual, biennial and perrennial species) from wild flowers that are a great souce of nectar and pollen for bees. Some of the varieties included Common Knapweed, Greater Knapweed, Golden Rod, Chrysanthemum mix, Borage, Cornflower, Verbana and many more. normally £12.50 NOW £6.25 SAVING £6.25

SALE - Solar Molars

Solar Moler - normally £19.95 save £4.96

SALE - Solar Moler Moles are one of the most destructive of garden pests and can cause havoc in lawns and flower beds. Moles are attracted to lawns as they are the perfect hunting ground for their favourite food - worms! Position a solar moler to repel moles as soon as you see their tell tale signs. Normally £19.95 NOW £14.99 saving £4.96

SALE - Solar Moler - Mole chasers are normally battery operated, so as the battery runs down you're never quite sure if they are working! This one is solar powered (the ultimate environmentally friendly power source, so no more batteries!), so now you can have a Solar Moler working away day after day, without having the worry or expense of changing batteries. Powered by a small solar panel, it emits a discreet noise underground that the mole can hear. Being inquisitive the mole is initially attracted to the noise, but after a few days it will become increasingly irritated and move away. Simply pushes into the ground so can be easily moved around the garden driving the moles away. One Solar Moler treats over 600sqm/750sqyds.

SALE - Eyeball Bird Scarer

Eyeball Bird Scarer normally £9.99 SAVING £5.00

SALE - Eyeball Bird Scarer - Inflate and hang these Eyeball Bird Scarers, which feature reflective eyes and a streamer tail from trees, etc to repel birds. Use them to protect your vegetable garden and crops, ponds, buildings and cars from bird damage. Normally £9.99 NOW £4.99 saving £5.00


SALE Eyeball Bird Scarer - As the wind catches, the inflatable scarer rotates, so the reflective eyes and wild movement of the streamer-tail mimic in-flight predator species and will help to frighten unwanted birds off. Simply hang the Eyeball Scarer in a highly visible position from a tree or building – from time to time move them around to maximise the deterrent effect. Safe for children, wildlife and pets. Measures 50cm in diameter with a 20cm tail.

SALE - Mozzie Vac

Mossie Vac normally £24.99 SAVE £10.00

SALE - Mozzie Vac - This mozzie Vac is the easy and discreet way to kill mosquitoes in your home, at work or on holiday. Ideal for use in the bedroom, living room, caravan or while on holiday. Normally £24.99 NOW £14.99 SAVING £10.00

SALE - Mozzie Vac - Plug the Mozzie Vac in and the mosquitoes will be attracted to the attractive new generation UV light at the centre of the unit and will then be sucked down into the collection chamber by a near silent fan. There are no chemicals or poison fumes to worry about - it provides poison free mosquito protection both day and night. The fan is very quiet, but you can hear it and it does light up, so if you are going to use it in a bedroom and you are a very light sleeper, you may need to turn the Mozzie Vac off at bedtime. The dead insects are collected inside the collection chamber and are easy to dispose of via a collection tray in the base. Position the unit on a table / shelf and it works best at a height of approx. 1m. The unit is supplied with 1.5m of cable.

SALE - ShooAway Fly Repeller

ShooAway Fly Repeller normally £24.99 SAVE £10.00

SALE - ShooAway Fly Repeller - At last a chemical free and easy way to keep flies off your food. Place the ShooAway on any level service and simply watch the safe and gentle soft, flexible blades spin to effortlessly create a fly free zone around your food. Replace chemical fly sprays and home made remedies with something that works PLUS it is safe to use around your food, drink, children and pets. Normally £24.99 NOW £14.99 SAVING £10.00

SALE - ShooAway Fly Repeller - The battery operated ShooAway features 2 flexible, soft-touch blades, which are rotated by an energy efficient motor that comes to a soft stop if something touches the blades, such as food or hands but which keeps flies (and other flying insects) at bay. At the end of each of the ShooAway’s gently rotating blades are patented holographic discs, which are the key to keeping irritating flies away. Just switch on the battery operated ShooAway and watch as it "shoos" those flies away without any nasty odours, harmful chemicals or dead bugs on your table. Use it to keep barbeques, summer dinner parties, your kitchen and kids parties free from flies PLUS it is great when on holiday. Shooaway can also be used to keep other flying insects such as wasps and mosquitoes away. Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included), which will last approx 30 hours, so turn it off once the food is cleared from the table to get the maximum life out of your batteries. It is not weatherproof, so when it starts raining and you run inside, take the ShooAway with you.

"It really does work! Placed it on the table and the flies seemed to get disorientated and stayed away from the food. My wife now uses it while cooking to keep the flies off the food while it is being prepared" Peter by email


"Didn’t believe it but used it for the first time at BBQ and it actually works!!" from Moi (supplied by the manufacturer).