Our lawn and surrounding flower beds have been plagued by vicious red ant nests for many years and I have tried everything to eradicate them........until I discovered your ant nematodes! What a marvellous cure. One application on each of the many nests has eradicated them in one go! I cannot believe the success. Thank you, thank you Green Gardener. Yours sincerely Paul Clark

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Ant Control - For controlling ants in lawns & borders, on driveways & patios & in the house.


  • Nemasys No Ants - Control ants in lawns & borders by watering these safe & effective nematodes directly into the ants nests. Available NOW
  • Diatomaceous Earth - Control ants on patios, driveways and other hard surfaces by "squirting" this natural powder wherever the insects live or crawl.


"I checked the treated area over the weekend and literally found only 3 red ants, so the nematodes have worked well." Regards Noreen.

Nemasys No Ants to control ants

Nemasys No Ant Standard Pack treats 16 sqm - currently unavailable
Large Nemasys No Ant treats 50 sqm SAVE £25.21 - currently unavailable

Nemasys No Ants - Ants nests in lawns and borders can be a real problem. Tackle them by watering Nemasys® No Ants containing natural nematodes (steinernema feltiae) directly into the nests. Nemasys® No Ants controls ants of all colours (including red ones) in lawns and borders and should be applied when the ants are present and the soil temperature is above 10C i.e anytime between April and October. Available agian in Spring 2018.


Nemasys® No Ants - Nemasys® No Ants contains harmless nematodes, which will infect and kill the larvae and will irritate the adults, so that they abandon the nest and disperse. Nemasys No Ants comes as a powder, which is mixed with water and poured directly into the nests. It is totally safe for children, pets and wildlife and the lawn can be used directly after use. We recommend pre-watering the nests to allow the nematodes to soak in and if the ground is very dry, it is a good idea to open the nests with a fork i.e. push a garden fork into each nest and "wiggle" it to open the soil allowing the nematodes to penetrate to the heart of the nest. The packet will keep unopened for up to 2 weeks in a fridge and should be used in one go once opened. As Nemasys® No Ants is a cure rather than a preventative measure, apply when the ants are present and the daytime soil temp is above 10c. Simply repeat as often as is needed to keep the area free of ants - it is impossible to overdose & is totally safe to use near food crops.


Nemasys® No Ants Standard Pack - treats 16 large ants nests or 16 sqm - £11.40

Nemasys® No Ants Large Pack - treats approx 50 large ants nests or 50 sqm - £20.75 saving £25.21


"Wow! I can't believe it! Our lawn must have had over 100 red ant nests in it...I watered on the nematodes and the fine piles of soil never re-appeared. It is truly amazing. Thank you for a brilliant product." Gay Holden


"I have had a problem for years with red ants in my lawn - I used your ant nemtodes and I can't find a trace of an ant anywhere. My son and his friends now run on the lawn with bare feet." Susie by email


"I must have had at least 90 ant nests on my lawn prior to using your nematodes treatment. The treatment was 100% successful - there are now no live ant nests." Thank you. R Kemp


"I purchased 2 packs of ant nematodes a couple of weeks back and used them on my lawns straight away. WOW, I have no ants. They have all gone where I used the product. However, I have other areas which need treating so I will buying 2 more packs. Thanks for a great product, we can now sit in the garden without those crawlies around ones feet." Peter & Chris 


"I just thought I would let you know how well the nematodes have worked in controlling our ant problem. We had almost given up hope of ever being able to venture onto our grass without either being bitten by the red ants or if you stood still for too long having your feet covered in black ants. We purchased the 4 weekly attack pack & I am about to apply the last instalment, but am having trouble finding a nest to apply it to! It has worked so well." Cheryl Edwards by email

Ant Control on hard surfaces

Diatomaceous Earth - 2 x 100g Puffer Bottles£14.99Add Diatomaceous Earth - 2 x 100g Puffer Bottles      
to your Shopping Basket
Diatomaceous Earth - 1kg tub + 1 x Puffer Bottles save £52.45£29.99Add Diatomaceous Earth - 1kg tub + 1 x Puffer Bottles save £52.45      
to your Shopping Basket

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a very fine chemical free powder which is used in the same way as ant powder i.e. "squirt" the powder wherever there is any ant activity, so it is ideal for controlling ants under paving slabs, in driveway or where ants are emerging from cracks etc. The fine DE sticks to the insect and kills it by physical means. DE is safe to use in the garden, around edible crops, in areas where children play and is safe to use around pets.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) - DE is 100% natural and is supplied as a fine powder in a 100g Puffer bottle or in 1kg tubs with a free re-fillable puffer bottle. Simply "squirt" the powder where-ever the insects live or crawl. DE is the fossilised remains of diatoms (a type of algae). The diatoms have a silica hard shell which does not decompose in the lakes, or sea where diatoms live. Over long periods of time large volumes of diatoms are exposed on the surface of dried out lakes. Thousands of tons of this natural product are available worldwide.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)DE controls insects by physical means not chemical. The DE is applied where insects live and is picked up by them. Just squirt into the cracks and crevices, where ants live or rub into a dog's coat to control fleas and ticks. Insects die from contact with DE within a few days. N.B. Diatomaceous Earth can also be used to control Earwigs, woodlice (& other crawling insects in the garden), Fleas, ticks and lice on cats and dogs (simply rub into the coat). Worms in cats and dogs (simply add to your pet's food). Flies in a wormery (add a dusting to the surface of the wormery). Poultry mite both on poultry and in poultry houses.

Diatomaceous Earth - 2 x 100g Puffer Bottles - £14.99 
 Diatomaceous Earth - 1kg tub + 1 x Puffer Bottles - £29.99
saving £52.45

"Last year I had thousands of ants in a cavity wall. They just kept on coming and coming - like an oil slick on the floor! This year, I put DE into the base of the skirting board and I have only seen about 20!" Mr M by phone.